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This weekend we pulled the weeds from in front of one of our gardens. We knew there were a couple of Naked Lady bulbs there so we were very careful when pulling. To our delight there were at least nine bulbs that had already poked their leaves up through the dirt!  Archie took the Mantis and tilled the ground in front and around the bulbs while I took the weeds and added to the “berm”  we’re making by the side of the road. Then I brought a wheelbarrow full of horse manure and Archie tilled that in. Then we planted Daffodil bulbs in front of the Naked Ladies. I wanted to plant some crocuses in front too, but we didn’t have any left over from last year’s planting. Ah well, it’s gonna look gorgeous!

Speaking of gorgeous, next February/March we will be having the first Recipe Book Writing, Design, and Production Workshop. Cherie Soria, our Director and author of Raw Food Revolution Diet, Denise Vivaldo, author of The Food Stylist’s Handbook, and Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write for Food, will be teaching this class. You will learn how to photograph your delicious raw dishes, how to plate them, how to write the recipes, and design and produce your own book either as an e-book or hardcover. How exciting is this?

I will be going to the Spunky Skunk Toy Store today. It’s not that I forgot my grandson’s birthday, because I didn’t. I just forgot to buy his present! I love toy stores, but I’ve never been in one like Mr. Magorium’s or the one in Home Alone 2. Man! Those are the best: planes, jets and balloons flying in the air, trains running around the whole store, a giant Christmas tree with marvelous decorations – that’s my kind of store! What will I get: Tinker toys, Lincoln Logs, or Lego’s? I have been purchasing books for him, but at age nine, perhaps it is time to get something else? Grandpa Archie and I had fun looking at all the toys available and choosing for Aiden’s birthday and Christmas and Nathan’s Christmas. I won’t say what we got in case the boys read this blog! (Hee hee!)

Mr. Magorium's Emporium

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