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Blog About It by kristin

sally baxter, gril reporterWhen in doubt, blog it out. There’s something about blogging that makes you feel that maybe you can fulfill your dream of becoming Sally Baxter, girl reporter. Actually, I’d never really heard of Sally Baxter, I was more of the Nancy Drew, amateur sleuth type in my youth. Later, I had a friend who went into the FBI and told me about how she had to learn to use a gun, which sort of nixed that trick for me. I actually worked on a newspaper, too, back in the 80s when we still used light boards to mock up the paper. There was something great about the newspaper biz…the hustle and bustle and excitement of being in the thick of things. I liked all the snappy dialogue in His Girl Friday with Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant. Man, that girl could talk! And Mr. Grant was no slouch in the fast talking dept either. sally baxterWell, at least I’ve still got lots of deadlines! No dearth of those, my dears. And a pretty fast- paced job most of the time, too. Let’s see, what’s new in the news? Cherie and Dan are jetting back from a successful jaunt to Bali, and getting ready for World Veg Day in Golden Gate Park. Then they’ll be home for a couple of weeks, and back on the road for FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods in Vegas. Hmmm…it’s hard to keep up with them.  P.S. Chef Ito, the silent chef from Au Lac graced us with his presence just last week. Always breaking news here at Living Light!nancy drew


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Another Sign of the Fall Season by hilloah

 Another sign of Fall: gnats.  They really are quite beautiful.  Watching them hatch and seeing a swarm of them with their white wings is nice, and then the birds find them and dart amongst them for their dinner.  I do not really want them in my yard, so I am glad the birds can enjoy a meal.  What I do like about the gnats is that they herald the Fall season, my most favorite as it foretells of the holidays. Halloween is close,  then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year full of promises.

Our upcoming chef series at Living Light will be starting on Saturday and we will be providing for our students some great holiday menus.  You will learn to make Tiramisu and Key Lime Pie for desert, Asian Wild Rice Pilaf, Avocado Salsa, and so many more recipes for your holiday table.


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Sleepy Time Gal by kristin

modern communicationI’m having one of those sleepy days. Finally, I am back on the blog, but I’m not quite sure how to plunge in and get back in the groove. After all of the excitement of the Living Light Chef Showcase, followed almost immediately by moving to a new (and wonderful) place, maybe I should just cut myself some slack, and take it slow today. No sense in trying to be woman of the year, or even woman of the day, or woman of the hour. Sometimes with all the fast paced communication we do these days, it’s a wonder we all don’t just find a hammock and take a snooze. sleepyI had to stop by our local internet provider today to set up wifi at home. Must admit it was much nicer talking to Giro (a real person) who reconfigured the modem I bought from him back to factory settings. He says that ATT (which I had temporarily) uses a different “protocol.” Personally, I prefer to speak to a real person instead of a robot or a phone tree – maybe it’s just me! At any rate, tomorrow is fall equinox, so all things being equal, I think we’d better search for balance. Speaking of real people, guess what? Some of our real life instructors like Cherie Soria, Martine Lussier, and Alicia Ojeda will be going on the road to bring FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods to places near and far, like Las Vegas, NV and Austin, TX! We haven’t taken FUNdamentals on the road for awhile, so this should be fun. 
so sleepy

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Graduation Day by mary elizabeth

My thirtieth high school reunion was last weekend.  Thirtieth?  That seems a bit over the top, actually, but – there it is.  Anyhow, I didn’t go and maybe that was a mistake.  I may have mentioned once or twice that I suffer from a pretty sever social anxiety disorder.  Ho hum.  Super boring and nothing I haven’t spent forty-eight years learning to live with, but it certainly doesn’t allow for shenanigans like reunions.  That’s okay.  Shyness comes with some of its own rewards, like having fewer opportunities to wish you’d kept your mouth shut.  Anyhow – I’m hoping to get some eye witness reviews of said reunion and maybe start building up my courage for the fortieth.

We have a new group of Living Light students about ready to graduate from Associate Chef and Instructor Training.  I always feel so proud of them and hope we’re sending them off all excited to take their new raw culinary skills home with them.  That’s where the real test comes – at home.  I’d happily be raw all day every day if I lived upstairs in the culinary studio.  Anyhow – as these students prepare to graduate on Friday, I’m sure they are feeling empowered and inspired.  I’m going to miss them, though.  Maybe they’ll have a reunion some day.

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The FUNdamentals of October by hilloah

It is getting nippier now and we can’t use our  fireplace while we’re building the great room.  But the hearth is built, and this week Archie is laying the tile.  When it’s ready, the stove will be placed on it and we can have a fire again.  One neat thing he did was make the hearth about two feet high so that one can sit on the hearth next to the stove for a quick warm up.  Until then, extra sweaters and blankets are in order.

Speaking of extra – Living Light has not one but three opportunities to take FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods this October:  October 1st will be here in Fort Bragg, California;  October 15th will be in Austin, Texas;  and the final one will be in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 20th.  FUNdamentals is, indeed, one of the most fun classes we offer because you get to eat all day long.  I kid you not!  Our fabulous instructors spend the day demonstrating how to make all kinds of fabulous raw food and you get to sample all of it.  Also included is a humongous salad bar for lunch.  And then more samples – yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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On the Road in the Southwest by mary elizabeth

When I was a little girl, we used to take a road trip to New Mexico every summer to see our cousins.  I remember long hours in the back of our VW watching the desert sky go by.  I used to love stopping to eat at restaurants we normally wouldn’t with their kitschy gift shops featuring southwestern jewelry, kuchina dolls and jackalope post cards.  My great aunt and uncle’s big adobe house was so welcoming and familiar with its library full of Wizard of Oz books and a battered old copy of Uncle Wiggly.  I imagine there were grown up books in there, too, but I didn’t notice.  I remember the cottonwoods along the irrigation ditches and summer thunder storms and more sky – so beautiful.

Guess who else is taking a couple road trips to the southwest?  Living Light!  We are taking our FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods class to Austin, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada!  We will be in Austin on October 15th and Las Vegas on October 20th.  A beautiful way to eat, presented in a beautiful part of the country.  So – all you southwesterners who’ve been feeling like Fort Bragg, CA is too far to travel for a raw food class, this is your chance!  Two chances, actually.  And anyone else who may be looking for an excuse to take a road trip to the southwest themselves, what better opportunity than one which includes a positive, healthy learning experience.  I can give you all the details or just go to our website and check it out!

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Another Sign of Fall by hilloah

Another sign of fall: the hatching of termites.  As Archie and I sat by our outdoor fire recently, we could see the birds flying about catching them.  Both the Robins and the Stellar’s Jays seemed to think the termites were most delicious!  This is good as not only is our home made of wood, but we are surrounded by a forest  full of Douglas Firs, Redwoods, Bull Pines, and many other trees.

 Associate Chef and Instructor Training started this week.  In this course you will learn how to make Almond Bread, Enchiladas de Verdura con Chili Colorado, and Turtle Truffles just to name a few recipes.  By now the Living Light students have learned the very basics and can tackle these new recipes with a since of confidence and aplomb.

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