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Candlemas by mary elizabeth

It’s that time of year again: the Feast of Saint Bridghid, Candlemas or, as the pagans call it, Imbolc.  Time to celebrate the Celtic fire goddess – my daughter Bridget’s namesake.  The fun thing about naming your daughter after a goddess is you get an extra yearly celebration.  Like most of us when we were fourteen, my daughter hates her name.  She wishes I’d chosen something more punk….like Strychnine.  Can’t say that ever crossed my mind, but I can say that I chose her name with care and thought someday she’d appreciate being named for such a powerful woman.  And – I’m proud to say my Bridget’s already a powerful woman in her own right and living up to her namesake’s standard.

Speaking of my daughter, she and the also fourteen year old daughter of IT goddess Teresa are going to take FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods here at Living Light this Saturday.  Isn’t that cool?  Both of them are vegetarians and we moms are super excited that they get this opportunity to expand their raw knowledge.  FUNdamentals is a wonderful class.  It’s a comprehensive overview of a living diet that will familiarize anyone with the basics.  You also get tons of yummy samples and I guarantee you’ll leave feeling excited about a raw vegan lifestyle.  We offer FUNdamentals here at Living Light eight more times this year plus we’re taking it on the road all around North America in 2012.  Check out our website for all the details or give me a call.


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Take a Tumble by kristin

Oddly enough, I started this New Year off (close to my birthday) by taking a tumble – I tripped and fell at a local store, and besides being embarrassed, I was forced to sit still for a few days and take stock of what the New Year means. Part of the gift of having a January birthday is that you are starting your New Year just as the New Year is starting itself.Alice falls down the rabbit hole As it turned out, on my actual birthday (Sunday), I was able to take calls from friends and family without the distraction of having to run off someplace and “have fun.” Don’t get me wrong – I love to have fun on my birthday, and I appreciate all of the niceties -gifts, cards, flowers, candy, and the like (my friend Lesley here at work made the most adorable little cake – it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland). count your blessingsSo I found the gift in the tumble- to remember to count your blessings and appreciate all the love you have in your life. What could be a better birthday present?

At Living Light, the New Year brings us many gifts, not the least of which is a brand new group of excited, enthusiastic students. Reports from the teachers are that this group of students is the BEST EVER. We are so lucky. They are currently in the Associate Chef and Instructor part of our curriculum, and are doing their demos -remarkable! In just a few short weeks they can go from complete novice to teaching a raw food demo with all the bells and whistles. We’re proud, we’re happy, and we know that our students make a difference wherever they go. Red Pepper Hummus Bites

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Destination Known by mary elizabeth

I have this little card up by my desk which reads: My destiny is mine to control.  It’s from one of those pretty little boxed sets of inspirational cards, this one courtesy of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.  The wording may be a bit tricky for those of us with control issues, but I get it.  I can do anything I want.  I don’t need permission.  I don’t need to wait till everyone else in my life has secured their destinies first.  It’s a powerful and necessary affirmation and I’m glad it’s there and I’m glad it’s true.

Twice a year, Living Light offers this great class called Advanced Raw Culinary Arts Instructor Training.  Jennifer Cornbleet teaches it and it’s all about expanding your business as a raw food instructor.  If you want to see someone who’s made a success for herself in the raw food world, check out Jennifer. Her first book, Raw Food Made Easy for One or Two People, is wildly popular and I would say that when I worked in the Living Light Marketplace, it was the book most mentioned when people spoke of their conversion to raw food.  Anyhow – one of those two times is now!  We are about done with our first certification of 2012 (wasn’t it just Christmas?) and it’s followed by this exciting opportunity to make your business thrive.  Take control of your destiny!

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Rawk It by mary elizabeth

So – guess what?  It’s time to watch the videos and vote for the next Hot Raw ChefLiving Light‘s  having another Valentine’s Day themed contest, so I presume most of the entries will be sweets, but maybe not.  I have yet to watch, but I did watch this super fabulous little ad our Terilynn made to kick off the voting called Rawk the Vote.  Check it out!  I wonder if I’ll vote in time this year?  That is my one and only resolution for 2012, by the way: vote in a timely manner for all Hot Raw Chef contests.  But as always, whether my vote’s counted or not, I always enjoy watching the entries and who doesn’t want to pick up some fun new recipes?

I suppose that doesn’t sound like a very strident or lofty New Year’s resolution, but I’m not much of a resolution fan.  I try and live a life of honesty and balance and make my daily goal to be the woman I want to be – the one the universe intended.  My success rate varies dramatically, but not as much as it used to.  Like everything else worth doing, living up to my own potential takes practice.  The more conscious of my inner health I am, the more natural that consciousness becomes.  Fortunately, I have no idea what size the universe wants me to be, so I don’t have to worry about any pesky weight goals.  That being said, some low-glycemic treats wouldn’t hurt.  So – I’m off to watch some Hot Raw Chef videos.  I hope you’ll do the same.

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All New: Are You Ready? by kristin

I hate to keep bragging about the weather here in Fort Bragg, but honestly, I’ve been here for nearly 7 years and it’s the best winter ever. I know pretty soon people are bound to start complaining that we need more rain so that we’ll have water during the dry season, and I know that’s important, but at the same time, it’s so darn hard not to just love a sunny, mild winter. I went walking on the Haul Road by the ocean this morning and the waves were gigantic! time fliesEven though January has just started, I know how it is. The year just flies by, with lots of things to do and think about. I love the feeling of the very beginning of the year, when the slate is swept clean and the world is full of possibility, and somehow it just feels like everything will be positive. At Living Light we have visioning meetings at the beginning of the year, where we think about what we want to accomplish, and how we can all pull together to make it happen. visionLike Mary Elizabeth said, we already have a full schedule, including a new Hot Raw Chef Sweet Valentine Video Recipe Contest. See what I mean? It’s only January, but we’re already thinking about February! Deadline to submit your videos for the contest is January 17. You could be a winner like Cristina Archilla, who will be teaching Food Styling for Photography at Living Light!hot raw chef

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Enter 2012 by mary elizabeth

Happy New Year!  We’ve landed safely in 2012 and January is shaping up to be an exciting month at Living Light.  This Friday we’ll be checking in students for our very first Instructor Focused Package which consists of our Associate Chef and Instructor certification followed by Jennifer Cornbleet’s Advanced  Raw Culinary Arts Instructor class.  If that’s too much for you right now, were also taking our FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods class on the road this month!  We’re heading down to San Diego on January 28th for all our southern California fans who want to take this class without traveling north.  FUNdamentals is the basic cornerstone class of all we have to offer and is a wonderful day full of information and samples and FUN!

Landing safely in 2012 is no small accomplishment for me and mine. Not only have I semi-successfully moved my work space due to a flood in our dear old admin. office to a temporary spot in the science room, I’ve moved myself and my kids into a new home.  And by “I” in both instances I mean me and some very dear, very helpful people.  Thanks people and thanks universe for supporting me once again in change and challenge.  I’m excited for 2012 and can’t wait to see what’s in store.  My daughter starts high school this year and my son starts middle school and I may be starting graduate school.  Lots of new beginnings – just like the exciting new beginning for our Living Light students.  Bring it, 2012!

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