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Happy Spring by mary elizabeth

There’s something so fresh and exciting about the beginning of spring.  I love all the flowers and the lengthening days and the prospect of summer not so far away.  Even the wind isn’t bothering me quite as much as usual.  It’s bothering me, for sure, but I’m trying to look at it as a physical manifestation of a real clearing out of the old, making room for the new.  And you know – I’m not even really sure what it is I’m making room for, or clearing out for that matter.  I just know I’m ready for change.  I’m eager for an energy shift that will help me be more creative and open to abundance. My birthday’s in the spring and I’m ready for a new year full of new opportunities and attitudes.  What are you hoping for this spring?

We have lots of opportunities at Living Light this spring.  We have a full Gourmet Raw Food Chef certification, an Advanced Science of Raw Food Nutrition Educator certification and an Associate Chef plus Pastry Certification, too.  If your goal for the spring is to become a raw food chef, we’ve got you covered.  And if you’d like to start with something smaller, we have our two day essential oil class offered in April.  These classes are wonderful gateways to abundance both on a culinary level and a spiritual one, too.  I think I’m going to take those classes again this time.  I took them a few years ago and felt so open to all the universe had in store for me.  I almost have that feeling again, all on my own, but reinforcement will feel even better.  I’m going to sign up right now – a birthday present for myself.  Happy spring!


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Food Stylin’ by kristin

Wow – just took the Food Styling for Photography class with the multi-talented Cristina Archila, and she really knows her stuff! It was a lot of fun, and Cherie Soria was there to launch the fab non-prerequisite class, and inspire us all with her expertise about food styling. Both Cherie and Cristina have studied food styling with renowned food stylinst and author of The Food Stylist’s Handbook Denise Vivaldo, and it shows! cool stackThe day-long course was fast paced and fun – we made our own salads, using tricks of the trade that you just can’t imagine until you try it, then we moved on to stacks and pasta dishes – including painting the pasta. We took photos of our creations, and learned so much along the way. Our tool kits were full to brimming with all sorts of tweezers, q-tips, paintbrushes, gels and potions – Cristina really is a raw food artist, for sure. Pasta duo We watched a slide show and had plenty of hands-on practice to hone our new skills. I could have stayed all week! We were supplied with a comprehensive packet that included information on how to sketch out our ideas (like a storyboard) so that if we were on the job as a food stylist, we’d have everything ready to roll for the photographer. salad ICan you imagine? All of this in a one-day class!

I took photos on my iPhone, and others brought fancy cameras to capture their creations. It was a lot of fun, and being a bit of a crazy artist myself, I snapped some unusual angles – one of the shots of my stacks looks a little like a flying saucer!wild stack Well, creative license, you know. Even if you don’t want to be a professional food stylist, think of what you could do for your own brochures, website, and promo materials for your classes as a raw food chef. Possibilities are limitless – Check out some professional photos of our students’ creations, (styled by Cristina Archila, photos by Terilynn Epperson) on our Chef Experience Blog. And here’s one last close-up of my salad, taken by moi – not bad for a day’s work!salad close up

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Winter’s End by mary elizabeth

Well here it is, St. Patrick’s Day again, and you know how seriously I take my saints!  Today is the last winter holiday, pointing us towards the spring.  It’s also a great day to see fairies and I take them pretty seriously, too.  A friend of mine told me it’s also International Astrology Day.  I guess it’s just a good day to connect with our spiritual sides and get ready for another favorite day – the vernal equinox!  In just a couple days it will be spring; the sun will enter Aries and we’ll begin another seasonal year.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m ready for a year full of bright beginnings and new paths to follow.  I’m ready for an emotional spring cleaning –  letting go of old, destructive patterns and people so that I’ll be open to all the possibilities this spring holds.

There are lots of possibilities here at Living Light this spring.  We are starting our first full Platinum Package of the year on March 31st.  What better way to spend your spring?  And, as my blog sister Kristin posted yesterday, there’s a new beginning right here in our office for someone who’d like to be part of  Living Light.  And of course, our Cafe has lots of yummy juices and smoothies – the perfect treat on a fresh spring day.   In fact – today would be a great day to come in for a green juice – St. Patrick style!

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Student Services Needs YOU! by kristin

Do you possess these qualities? 

Management QualitiesLiving Light International is looking for a creative, highly motivated, organized person to direct student services for Living Light Culinary Institute, a private post-secondary raw vegan culinary school. We are looking for someone with high standards and integrity who is an excellent collaborator, with strong sales and leadership abilities, who would thrive working for a company whose goals are to make the world healthier and more sustainable. Our ideal candidate would possess qualities of caring and compassion balanced with assertiveness and experience in problem solving.

Did we mention multitasking?

This key management position requires knowledge of sales and marketing, admissions procedures, operations policies and procedures, budgeting, student orientation and support, and alumni outreach to an international clientele. international clienteleCandidate will research, implement and maintain state licensing requirements, and will work closely with school directors, accounting and marketing departments to successfully promote the school internationally. Knowledge of Outlook, Excel, Word, Filemaker, Infusionsoft or other CRM software is essential. Visit our website for complete details about the position.

If you are looking for a position that will challenge you to perform to your highest abilities in an atmosphere of mutual support, we’d like to talk to you.teamwork

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Keep Growing by kristin

Last night I slept as sound as a baby, which was wonderful, because for a few nights around the full moon I often find that I don’t sleep as well – the force of the moon’s light just pulls me out of slumber, sometimes for hours at a time. clock handsThis Virgo moon was particularly strong – compounded, I think by the recent solar flares that have taken place during the last few days. These solar flares are supposedly as strong as any since 1859. Even NASA reported that electronics could be affected – what about people? The post I read about this full moon is that it brings to light what wants to be “purified, refined, integrated, and simplified” especially pertaining to the realm of work, health and daily routines. We have the opportunity to make a shift and break free from old patterns. Interestingly, this ties in perfectly with my co-blogger, Mary Elizabeth’s recent post about creating the life you want to live, and also dovetails perfectly with what I’ve been feeling. sprouts grow anewI always need to surrender to the depths of my soul in winter, so that I can emerge in Spring with new hopes, plans, and dreams for the future. Luckily, we work in a place where we see our students create the future of their dreams on a daily basis. Funny, just as I was writing this post, Pandora started playing Ann Savoy and her Sleepless Knights, with the song Melodie au Crepuscule. Some of the other songs on her album are “If Dreams Come True” and “Getting Some Fun Out of Life” -Perfect timing Universe!moonsky

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Ready For a Change? by mary elizabeth

Have you ever wished making a big life change were just as easy as heading down to the crossroads and selling your soul to the devil?  I sure have.  It isn’t though.  Making changes – taking your life into your own hands – takes courage, inspiration and a ton of hard work.  Most of that work takes place in your own heart, but not all of it.  To make a big life change, be prepared both spiritually and practically.  Then, just trust and go!  Follow your new road.

If there’s one thing I get asked here at work all the time, it’s “What will my Living Light training prepare me to do?”.  Well – besides assisting you in making a change to living foods that will change your whole life on a cellular level, the careers in raw foods are numerous and lucrative.  We’ve just put together a comprehensive bulletin delineating just what you can expect to do with your education including a video and some inspirational success stories.  Check them out!  And don’t forget – the world is your oyster – you need to be the catalyst in your own life, but we can sure help you get ready.

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Classrooms by mary elizabeth

I know we’re supposed to view all of life’s experiences as lessons and all of the people with whom we come in contact as teachers.  But sometimes I feel like certain lessons are just grand wastes of time and some of my teachers are, at the very least, in need of a review.  However – usually all it takes is a little time before I can appreciate the lessons I’ve learned – even the boring ones.  And to pull an example out of real non-metaphorical life (for once), I get the opportunity to see my sweet kids not appreciating actual school on a daily basis.  It’s a fabulous reminder of being way too close to something to see the benefit.  So – as I navigate all of life’s lessons, I’ll try and remember to be grateful for whatever classroom I find myself in.

We just checked in a new group of students for a Pastry Focused Certification in our culinary classroom upstairs.  In just twenty five days, these people will leave us as Living Light certified chefs.  That’s a pretty short time for so much knowledge and experience.  But – since such a huge percentage of our students come from afar, we don’t want to waste your time.  The training moves along at quite a fast pace and days off are a rarity, but you’ll be in a fabulous classroom with the world’s best teachers!  And – you’ll leave here fully ready to begin your new chapter as a raw food chef with tons of skill and confidence!

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