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Sultry Summer Days by kristin

Today is a sultry day here on the coast – it’s muggy and the air is quiet and still instead of breezy as it usually is here – the kind of weather that makes some people sleepy.  Since we just came out of eclipse season and hopped directly into summer solstice, it looks like we’re in for a rather interesting summer. summer solsticeWill we reach critical mass for awakening in time to change our planetary paradigm? Whether you believe in astrology or not, I think most people have been feeling a certain intensity building all over the world. It’s important to stay centered and make sure that our intentions are clear. Our students at Living Light have an amazing way of creating lives that make sense in this sometimes confusing world of ours. We are constantly inspired and gratified to see that the work we do here translates through our graduates to good works and right livelihood all over the planet. solstice 2It’s one of the things that makes Living Light shine! So, if you are casting about for something to do that truly makes a difference, it might be the right time to consider throwing caution to the wind and letting your true intention guide your life. How does that sound?Live the Life you love We’ve got beautiful beaches, redwood forests, pure ocean air, and the best teachers of gourmet raw food in the world right here in Fort Bragg, CA. We’d love to help you create the life you’ve dreamed of for so long.


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Finishing Touches by amanda

Putting the finishing touches on things has always been a hard task for me.  I admire people that finish things with ease rather than the trek that I seem to have to take.  Endings tend to be so permanent, and what fun is that?  But most times endings open a door to the other side and that, my friend, makes it all worth it! open doorMy children have been experiencing some endings and all three have done it with grace.  My dear 18 year old has graduated from high school, closing the door to a life he will look back on for years to come.  I remember those days like they were yesterday – so many great memories.  My other two children have finished a few things as well.  My boy finished grammar school and a baseball season all in a week, however he has moved on to the All-stars and Junior High of course.  My sweet girl slipped a 5th dance concert under her belt with style.  She performed in three pieces this year and loved every minute of it, as did I.  I can’t express enough to everyone that things have to end, but there is always room to go back, complete and enhance.  I’ve recently gone back to school to complete my bachelor’s degree.  This has been a long time coming, but yet here I am ready to conquer the task. cloe

Here at Living Light there is always a next step waiting for you.  Lucky for you we still have a few openings in our Gourmet Completion series, beginning in just about a month.  Why not take advantage of this opportunity to complete another certification and open yet another door for yourself.  Whether it be the final game winning run, the last bow at the end of the concert or a new certification, you will never know what is behind the next door.decisions

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Rawk Star by mary elizabeth

Living Light instructor Gina Hudson is amazing.  She personifies exactly what it is we do here and why we do it.  Her commitment to making healthy living delicious shines through her teaching, her lifestyle and her whole person.  If you come to Living Light as a student you will be treated to her gentle style and vast knowledge of raw cuisine, of course, but you’ll also be treated to time spent in the care of a beautiful person.  At Living Light, we foster an atmosphere of love and light – not just for food, but for you, for ourselves and for the planet.  Gina is a shining example of this atmosphere.  I remember when she was here as a student, over three years ago.  I was still working in the Marketplace and she always had a smile (and an adorable t-shirt) to share.

I have a personal reason for adoring Gina.  She facilitated the cleanse I just did with Amanda and my daughter.  Everything that went into our mouths for twenty eight days was made with love by Gina.  That cleanse was a life changer.  I know I’ve written about it quite a bit recently, but it was such a wonderful experience.  The physical benefits aside, it was a spiritual balancer, a confidence booster and a beauty enhancer – inside and out.  Gina still makes us a juice every day and is supportive, loving and great at helping us keep on track.  Thanks, Gina!  You’re amazing and I, along with the rest of us here, appreciate you so much! Rawk it, sister!

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Summer Pleasures by kristin

There’s been an awful lot of blue sky around here lately – the fog has only rolled in a couple of days so it really feels like summer, the season of leisure for certain people like college professors and kids. When we were little I remember having lots of time to play outside,  read books, and go to the local pool. swimmingLong days of summer seemed to stretch endlessly. It’s nice to enjoy the fruits of summer whether you are “on the road” as Cherie and Dan will be in just about a week (on the Raw Food Revolution Tour), or staying home puttering around in the garden. It’s definitely a good time to enjoy sweet, ripe fruits fresh off the tree. tree fruitCherries and peaches are two of my favorites, and it’s a funny thing because even though their availability is short it seems like its just long enough to enjoy them and then move on – a lesson in being in the now and enjoying the moment. If you’d like to seize the moment and make positive use of some of your leisure time, I recommend coming to Living Light and taking part in some of our great classes this summer – – following your bliss and learning something new that really interests you. Another great use of the long days of summer! You can start with a weekend, a week, or plunge right in to our platinum package– the pinnacle of our programs. Our fresh new follow your blissFUNdamentals students are just arriving, and every group reminds us how important it is to follow your bliss!

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East Coast Adventures by mary elizabeth

So – Cherie and Dan have changed the format of their trip to the east coast this summer.  Rather than doing formal FUNdamentals classes, they are going to do more talks and demos and fun things like that.  For example, they will be in Washington D.C. on July 3rd, where Cherie will be giving a talk on Raw Foods for Heath, Beauty and Longevity.  This event is being hosted by The Northern Virginia Raw/Living Foods Meetup Group.  If you’re going to be in D.C. for the 4th of July, this will be a great way to add a little raw treat to your trip.  Cherie will also be presenting a talk in Reston, Virginia on July 7th at the West Market Community Association.  These and lots of other events on the east coast are going to be tons of fun and great opportunities for all of you on the opposite side of the country from the Living Light Center to meet Cherie and see what we’re all about.   Keep an eye on our website for all the details!  And if you’d like to host an event in your area, let us know!  That’s the best way to get a raw talk right in your own backyard!

You know who else is going to be on the east coast this summer?  Me!  My kids and I leave in less than a month for our cross country adventure.  We won’t be giving any talks but we’ll sure have time to do a lot of talking.   And we’ll definitely be on the lookout for raw food along the way.  To be perfectly honest, now that our departure date is so close, I’m feeling a little nervous about the whole thing.  But – I’m sure once I actually get on the road, I’ll feel better.  And who knows, maybe we’ll intersect with Dan and Cherie on their east coast adventure.  Happy travels to all of us!

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Welcome June by mary elizabeth

Today is June first.  Wow.  Just twenty days till summer.  I feel like this year is going pretty quickly, but I think I always say that so I guess what I mean is this year is clipping along right on schedule.  Only two weeks left of school for my kids.  Only five weeks left of work before my summer vacation.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Today is the first day of June.  I like the first day of the month.  I like to change the calendar and look at all those days of possibility.  I like to look back on the old month, too, and see how I’ve changed since the last time I changed the calendar.  It always kind of amazes me.  Sometimes the changes are spiritual, sometimes physical – but no matter what, every thirty days brings changes.  What will June hold?

Tonight at Living Light, our Associate Chef and Instructor students are catering a dinner as part of their training.  I get to attend because I was employee of the month for May.  I’m so grateful – this dinner is amazing and it gives our students a chance to share what they’re learning on a different level.  They get to showcase their emerging skills as chefs and show us how far they’ve come in such a short time.  Our students will certainly be able to look back at the last thirty days and see changes.  And I’m sure tonight’s dinner will be a big part of that.  I’m looking forward to it.

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