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New You by kristin

I was in a local shop today and the proprietor asked me how things were going at Living Light. “Busy, Busy” I said, and she said “That’s good – keeps you off the streets.” eco lodgingNever truer than this weekend, which is not only the umpteenth annual Paul Bunyan Days celebration here in Fort Bragg, but is also a weekend where we welcome our new FUNdamentals students arriving today. I peek out of the office and see them filtering in from around the world. Always an interesting, eclectic group of intrepid travelers who seek the key to health through learning how to make gourmet raw vegan food. And the Drs. Dina are in town, teaching the Science of Raw Food Nutrition this weekend. Speaking of our labor day celebrations here, there are quite a few events, including an vintage dressesOld Fashioned Dress Review, an ugly dog contest,  horseshoe tournament, classic car exhibit and gem and mineral show, along with traditional Paul Bunyan style competitions. One of my favorite things is the Library Book Sale – you can get some great bargains there for winter reading! So the excitement is building in town today – what a fun weekend for arriving students – many of whom have saved for years to come here and learn from Living Light. It’s always interesting to watch their progress, or as we say, Living Light students becoming Living Light chefs. It’s quite a metamorphosis!metamorphosis


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Inside, Outside by mary elizabeth

Dr. Dwayne W. Dyer says, “The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.”  Well fine.  I just hope he doesn’t pop over half an hour before we’re supposed to leave for school/work on any given morning.  My kids started school yesterday.  Another summer’s over.  Back to hectic mornings of lunch boxes and three people to get ready to go instead of one.  Back to homework and projects and band practice.  Back to laundry, laundry, laundry.   I think I’m dreading it much more than they are.  And don’t get me wrong, mine are big kids now and get themselves ready and all that good stuff, and the only reason I make their lunches is because I like to.  Anyhow, my daughter begins high school and my son’s going into sixth grade.  It’s another milestone for them both and they are both facing it without any real dread which says something about their states of mind, don’t you think?  In fact – bring it, Dr. Dyer – you are welcome at my house anytime!

What’s your state of mind at back to school time?  Even now – twenty five years since I’ve matriculated anywhere I still get that “back to school” feeling sometimes.  If you’re considering coming to Living Light this year, now’s the time to make up your mind.  Our classes are filling up quickly but there’s still some room.  We have lots of cool stuff to take this fall including a whole Science of Raw Food Nutrition series.  We also have our very popular and very rarely offered Pastry Arts II.  This recipe development class is open to Pastry I grads and is a great way to hone your dessert skills before the holidays.  Yum!  Set your mind on coming to Living Light and let your life reflect your purpose.

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Summer’s End by kristin

dog days of summerSummer is winding down, and although we haven’t suffered a heatwave here on the Mendocino coast, I have to admit I’m glad. All of the grass has turned brown and the flowers are looking a little sleepy and overstressed. The main reason I’m glad though, is because I am crazy about fall. Maybe because I always loved school and the excitement of learning new things, which is why it is inspirational to work at a school. Our students prepared a delightful Mediterranean meal Mediterranean Mealyesterday, and nearly 50 of us enjoyed it complete with white tablecloths and flowers. It’s really lovely to be with the students. When I first came to Living Light I was a teacher, but since then my job in marketing has grown and I now spend all of my time in the office. So it’s an extra special treat not only to taste their food but to see their happy faces – they are proud of their creations! If you’re thinking about going back to school, and you’d like to study gourmet raw vegan foods with a group of inspiring people who gather here from around the globe, woman with globethis fall we have a great line up of courses including Associate Chef and Instructor training, Gourmet Raw Food Chef training, the complete Science of Raw Food Nutrition Series and Pastry Arts I and II ( II is offered just once a year). Back to school for a new future!

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Home Base by mary elizabeth

Have you ever felt as though you were right on the brink of all sorts of happiness and balance and goodness? That’s how I’m feeling right now. Things are a little up in the air right at this actual moment, but I can see the horizon and it looks pretty good. I did that internal reset with the twenty eight day cleanse a couple months ago and then my recent vacation was like an external reset so I’m really poised for a new outlook and a new, well, life.  I’m thinking about “home” as a concept right now, not only because I was away for so long, but because I’m moving again. I know – too boring to even bring up at this point. I think I’ve moved four times since I started contributing to this blog. Whatever – I’m moving again and apart from the actual, physical act I’m really excited. Although a firm believer in “home is where the heart is”, I have to say I’m looking forward to having my heart in a home of my own.

Speaking of “home”, I’m happy to say the Living Light Inn is full for the next session and very close to it for the one after that. If you’re planning on coming to Living Light in the next year, I suggest you reserve your room earlier rather than later. The inn is a great way to immerse yourself in the raw lifestyle. The communal kitchen allows students to prepare their own raw vegan dishes in the evenings or practice their recipes for school. It’s such a lovely building and the bedding is all organic. Our innkeepers Kristen and Cory are welcoming and knowledgeable and super helpful. We even have a couple of dog friendly rooms. The only down side is the fact that we can’t house all of our students there. So – like I said – be sure and reserve your spot and make the Living Light Inn your home while you’re here. We’ll take good care of you.

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Make it Happen by kristin

Haven’t been able to get a blog in lately, so today’s the day. Had fun seeing a friend who used to work at Living Light – Kari Bernardi Kari Bernardiwas up for a visit from her hometown, sunny Carmel by the Sea. With a great tan, big blue eyes and a huge smile for everybody – she got a warm welcome from all who knew her as a teacher here. She’s doing lots of work with the farmer’s market and sustainability projects in Carmel-true to form! And Meagan Ricks, our former pastry chef has been in town lately, too. One thing about Living Light is that the family just keeps growing – and we’re always happy to see people when they come back “home” for a visit! Same with our students. Some come for a weekend, a week, three weeks or three months, and they nearly always come back to learn more, to be with incredible teachers and fellow students, and to learn how to create the lives they want to live. Dreams are made of thisWe’re definitely the “stuff that dreams are made of.” Why not make your dreams real? We have several upcoming certification programs this fall, including the complete gourmet chef series, our pastry arts certification program and the complete science of raw food nutrition certification series. No matter what your interest, we’ll help you get your feet firmly on the path of your choice. Come to Living Light and “make it happen!”make it happen

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Home Sweet Home by mary elizabeth

I’m back in Fort Bragg.  I’m back in the fog by the Pacific Ocean.  I’m back home.  I had a wonderful month off, but it sure feels good to be home.  I’m so looking forward to meeting the students at Living Light and seeing all my beloved co-workers again.  A friend asked me if I was even going to remember how to do my job.  I told her I hoped not so it would be a fresh, new experience.  But – I do remember and am looking forward to getting back to it.  And I’m looking forward to a green juice!  Oh my stars – I have missed it.  Anyhow – I’m ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning all rested and ready to go.

Just to recap the last leg of my trip, my daughter and I visited my aunt Hannah in Wisconsin.  We had an absolutely lovely time – even though I’d never met my aunt in person, being at her house felt so comfortable.  It felt like home.  Well – a home.  A hot, humid home.  Anyhow – the visit was delightful and she and uncle Joe live right on the Flambeau River and we got to go out on Joe’s boat. It was such a nice time.  Then – I don’t know what happened, but we were just pretty much ready to go home.  Not only were we almost broke, we were just over it.  So – we just drove, slept a little bit, and drove, slept a little bit more and drove home.  And here we are.  Back to the foggy, familiar old grind.  Super yay!!

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On the Road Again by mary elizabeth

My daughter’s time at music camp ended Sunday.  After an absolutely wonderful performance, we packed up her stuff and started heading west.  It feels good to be going in a homeward direction.  We stopped at Niagara Falls the next day – the only diversion in a day of driving.  It was powerfully beautiful, much more so than I had anticipated. It was a little more touristy than I’d anticipated as well, but did afford some excellent people watching, including an Amish family who were just as delighted by my daughter’s appearance as we were by theirs.  After that it was just more driving and more gas stations.  If I come back from this trip with nothing else (which is highly unlikely), I will come back appreciating how very big this country is and how full of people.  It is vast and we are many.This land is your land

But today I’m not driving.  We’re spending two nights with a friend in Chicago.  It’s a beautiful break from driving past miles and miles of wilty corn.  It’s fabulous to be in a city, too, and wonderful to see a familiar face.  Speaking of familiar, the view from our window overlooks a park and then the lake.  When I woke up this morning, there was a farmer’s market in the park – all sorts of organic yummy food right outside the door.  Anyhow – check this out: while were walking around sampling peaches, etc., I ran into a Living Light graduate who spent last summer with us.  What are the odds?  It was weird and comforting at the same time.  I guess in spite of the vastness of the country and the many, many people who live here, we’re never too far from a friendly face.mary elizabeth See you soon, Fort Bragg!

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