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Spice of Life by kristin

What is the spice of life? Take a little sunshine, add a sprinkle of rain, a big dollop of friendship, a generous amount of love and season with agreeable work. Leaven with time to play, a dash of travel and a modicum of excitement and you’re on your way! Sounds kind of corny, but there it is. The simple things in life are often most enjoyable. Horizon's UnlimitedWhat’s on your horizon these days? If you’re feeling like you need something new and exciting now is the time to plan your next move.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what you’d really like to do. Or you have a longing to do something specific, but don’t think it’s possible. How do you get there from here? No one can see the future, but often dreaming big is what’s needed. Imagine what you really want to do, and allow the possibility that it can happen! When people first call our office at Living Light, some might think that coming here is an impossible dream. Maybe they are concerned about finances, or family matters, or personal health. As we work with them and support them, they often discover that anything is possible. It’s inspiring to hear the stories. When our prospective students put their minds to it, it’s quite amazing what they are able to manifest. coco chanel

What they thought was a wall becomes a door to a future they were afraid to imagine. What joy when that breakthrough takes place! If you want to attend Living Light and become a raw food chef, we’d love to help you keep moving in the right direction! Our 2013 Calendar is ready – keep movingCall our enrollment department at 707-964-2420. Mary Elizabeth, Amanda and Cheryl are ready to advise you on YOUR next steps.


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Begin Again by mary elizabeth

Our last class of 2013 checks in today and begins their culinary journey bright and early tomorrow morning with the FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods.  This is the last group the enrollment department will be checking in for over three months.  This interim period not only frees us up to register people for the upcoming year, it allows us to tidy up our files and update our records.  It’s kind of nice and kind of lonely, too.  Anyhow – I’m looking forward to meeting all the new students today and wish them well whether they’re just here for the day or staying on through mid-December.  I’ve met so many beautiful people this year, thanks to Living Light, and look forward to another amazing year full of new beginnings.

Actually, my life is chock full of new beginnings right now.  I’m in a new home, I have some wonderful new people in my life and I actually began a workout program.  We can thank the goddess Gina Hudson, Living Light instructor extraordinaire, for the latter, by the way.  Anyhow – I feel like I’m in a really positive place.  And although it’s not a new beginning, I am feeling so blessed to have the job I have.  I work with the most amazing men and women and I love what we do here.  Every year is a new opportunity to spread the Living Light message.  Super yay!

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Peacenik by kristin

With so many things competing for our attention in this fast-paced world of ours, it’s always good to keep our eye on our core values, which can be different for different people, yet upon close inspection, must be similar in many ways. imaginepeaceIn spite of strife on the world stage, I’d say the vast majority of individuals on the planet would prefer a peaceful world – one where their families, friends and neighbors enjoy relative tranquility and do not have to live in fear. Sadly, the International Day of Peace, which is September 21, 2012 (tomorrow!) probably gets far less attention than all of the wars around the world do. I’m glad there are people on the planet, including our friend Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet, who help us focus our attention on the subject of peace on earth. Just today I got an email about a group of well-known musicians (Eric Clapton, Guns n Roses, Carol King and others) who are pooling their talent with musicians from other countries to create a Listen for Life world tour to raise consciousness about the importance of creating peace on the planet.peace signs So, tomorrow – how can each of us make the day a little more peaceful? Mindful eating? Lending a helping hand to your neighbor or colleague? Staying away from gossip? Or just centering ourselves in our hearts and thinking of all the people in our lives we can send love to. Maybe as our love radiates out into the world, we’ll create a powerful wavelength together. Make peace!heart vegetables

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Contented by mary elizabeth

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.
Guillaume Apollinaire

I read this quote this morning on facebook and thought, “What a good reminder”.  Of course, this is just the sort of thing that can send me into an angry little snit if I’m going through a trying time.  But I’m not so this is just the sort of reminder I need.  Pursuing happiness is why we do pretty much all we do, right?  We go to work and make plans and save money and stay healthy and try to stay centered.  All good things that will help us enjoy ourselves in the future.  But we better enjoy doing them, too, or what’s the point?  Live in the moment and all that.

At Living Light, we encourage people to live their passion.  I’m not sure I even know what that means and just hope that happy kids and a heart full of love are passionate enough goals for now.  Our students are definitely following something more concrete in the way of passions.  I hope they’re able to be happy while they’re here and not just live it like a tool to a new future.  Their time here is special.  When we take a dramatic path towards happiness, it’s a beautiful and productive thing.  The real trick is to be content along the way.

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To Be Organic by kristin

Listening to the recent controversy surrounding an NPR story about organics, I was amazed that the “scientific findings” in this particular study seemed to refute the idea that buying organic produce makes a difference to health.  And this in spite of a nationwide movement of people who are increasingly choosing farmer’s markets and locally grown organic produce (an even more important distinction, buying local, I think).eat local greens On a personal level, I definitely notice the vitality of organic foods. In our salad bar, some of the greens are shipped from San Francisco and some are grown right here in Fort Bragg. The local ones look, taste, and feel much “brighter” and healthier. Nearly everyone knows that food picked right out of the garden has more nutritional value than vegetables that have been stored in your refrigerator for a long time. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, I say. Finally, when the United States is coming around to what Europe has realized for decades – that selecting produce grown on small farms, or growing your own with traditional farming methods does make a difference, a respected media outlet like NPR tries to tell us differently. organicThe good news is that the public reaction and comments on the story were largely organic positive, which makes an immense amount of sense. The public is not going to be hornswoggled at this point in time. Sometimes its hard to believe that The Silent Spring by Rachel Carson came out almost exactly 50 years ago, in September 1962. Wake up scientists! You’ve been asleep almost as long as Rip Van Winkle. We all need to wake up to the fact that every choice we make that has to do with organics and supporting sustainable farming in our communities really counts. Whatever decisions we make about these issues will affect future generations and the planet for a long time to come. Which is one of the reasons I’m glad that serving organic food in our school and in our cafe has been Living Light policy from the beginning. boy farmer

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Stop and Smell the Rose Oil by mary elizabeth

I just moved into the cutest new home.  It’s still being remodeled, so it’s a bit disorganized at the moment, but it’s going to be super cute and cozy soon.  The only really troubling part right now is, it doesn’t smell too good – some sewer venting problem.  I’m sure it’ll get sorted out but for whatever reason my sense of smell is off the charts these days.  My daughter says it’s because my eyesight is getting so bad.  Maybe.  But at any rate, any smell – good or bad – is very noticeable.  So – I’m just trying to fill my home with good smells.  I’ve been burning lots of candles and incense and dripping some Young Living oils on my radiator.  It may not smell completely perfect, but we’re at least feeling all serene and spiritually connected.

For the last couple of years, we’ve offered essential oil classes here at Living Light.  Sadly, these classes won’t be available next year.  It is offered as a Saturday class by itself on September 22nd. This class focuses on the culinary aspects of the oils.  But a few times a year, it’s offered as a two day workshop.  I loved the Sunday class so much.  It focused on opening oneself to abundance and how to magnify your purpose using these amazing oils as accelerators.  But essential oils have all kinds of practical uses.  For example, I can tell you from personal experience that the one called “purification” is great for taking the itch out of bug bites.  The last opportunity to take the two day weekend class will be October 20th and 21st.  So if you’ve been putting off enrolling – stop! The time is now.

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Good Day Sunshine by kristin

We had some unusually chilly weather here for the first few days of September, but today the sun came out and it is warm and mild, with nary a wind (other than a gentle breeze from the ocean). sunflowerMore like it! Fall is always just gorgeous here on the Mendocino coast – by far the nicest time of the year. More like a real summer than summer is sometimes (unless you’re partial to fog). Did I mention that fall is MY favorite season? Most definitely invigorating and inspiring, too. Fall classes here at Living Light are in full swing, and we’ve got two tours coming up – The Science of Raw Food Nutrition Tour with the Drs. Dina in September and October, and The Raw Food Revolution Tour will head to Florida right after Cherie, Martine Lussier and a group of volunteers wow people who love vegetables with a spectacular Saturday dinner at World Veg Day in Golden Gate Park October sixth.good day sunshine Cherie is featured in two new online magazines – one out this month: VegWorld, and a great interview will be featured in the Nov/Dec issue of a magazine from Australia, Living Foods Magazine. Cherie also blogs once a month on Kevin and Annemarie Gianni’s Renegade Health site; she’s putting the finishing touches on her new book, and has just completed a new e-book for kids. Also, Cherie and her dog Winky just won the look alike contest at our local labor day dog show! Of course, behind every great woman is a supportive man, as you know, and Cherie’s husband Dan Ladermann, tech guy, photographer, dog lover, and Cherie Soria enthusiast, fills that bill nicely, thank you.Cherie and Dan

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