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Ties of Love by mary elizabeth

So here we are in September.  The days are evening out and the stars are getting a little sparklier.  I love this time of year.  Traditionally, this is the warmest time of year here in Fort Bragg, but so far this year is pretty cold and wet.  Our students look cold, anyway.  I don’t think they were anticipating it being quite this “coastal”.  Oh well – we really don’t give them a much of a chance to enjoy or be bummed out by the weather anyway.  We pack as much learning as we can into their time here so that it isn’t wasted.  They spend all their time together becoming the next shining stars in the raw food world.  I get to watch them come to Living Light strangers and leave friends – the kind that have experienced a powerful life event together – the ties that truly bind.

Ever since I was a child I have been blessed with wonderful female friends.  Some of them are still with me from preschool days and some are newer, but I have always had solid sounding boards, loving arms and wise souls upon whom to rely.  What a gift.  I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship and what it means.  “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” used to be a popular saying, but I think most of us can agree that that’s not true.  Apologizing when appropriate is a big part of a healthy friendship.  I’m a firm believer in keeping one’s opinion to oneself unless asked for it too, but there’s nothing friendly about keeping too quiet when someone you care about is off track.  Basically, I try to be a good friend by being honest and open and as funny as possible.  And I must be doing something right because why else would I deserve all these amazing women who have stood by me for almost fifty years?  Cherish your friends.   Create ties that bind.


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A Thousand Words by mary elizabeth

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.   As a writer and incessant talker, I’m not sure that’s always true.   But – I could try it.   Maybe I’ll designate a portion of my weekend to silence with a sketchpad – or a sketchpad and a giant bag of old magazines from which to find photos.  This leaves way too much of the interpretation to my audience, but maybe that’s the point.   I’m the sort of person who likes to describe and make jokes and otherwise illustrate every thought I have so as to leave listeners with no doubt what my much belabored point might be.   Poor things.   Okay, let’s give it a try:

What am I thinking?  How am I feeling?   Was that more pleasant than listening to me tell you all about it?   Did you get a thousand words out of it?

We have a class called Food Styling here at Living Light.   It’s super fun and taught by the fabulous Cristina Archila.   It’s all about making your food smile for the camera and how to capture it to its best advantage.   Whether you’re publishing your own cookbook or just keeping your friends current on Facebook, this is a great way to maximize your food’s photographic appeal.   I haven’t taken this class yet but I’m looking forward to it.   I see all the tools and supplies Cristina uses and I can’t wait to find out what they’re all for.   Anyhow – this class is so beneficial we’re going to include it as a requirement for Gourmet Raw Food Chef certification beginning next year.   There are two opportunities to take it this year still, and it’s open to everyone!

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