Living Light Inn Case Study at

David Sheatsley from the U.S. Travel Association has announced that Living Light Inn will be the only inn in Northern California to be a part of the initial launch of an environmental case study featured on the new site, sponsored by the U.S. Travel Association and American Express. The site is designed to highlight companies implementing environmentally sustainable programs in the travel industry.

Formerly known as the Colonial Inn, Living Light Inn in Fort Bragg was reinvented in October of 2006 as an eco-friendly lodging venue open to both travelers and students attending Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. Originally built as a family home, the Craftsman-style mansion was converted to a bed & breakfast in the 1940s and is the oldest continually operating lodging facility in the area. When Dan and Cherie purchased the building in 2006, they immediately implemented green practices and an environmental program in alignment with Living Light’s business principles.

Living Light Inn has been a member of the Green Hotel Association since 2006 and remains a pioneer on the north coast in eco-friendly lodging. Living Light Inn programs already implemented include waste reduction, electricity and water conservation, recycling and composting. Living Light Inn also provides all organic bedding, a whole-house water filtration system, non-toxic biodegradable and non-allergenic cleaning products, and earth friendly fair trade amenities.

Two of Living Light Inn’s future goals include becoming “climate neutral” and utilizing solar power. The Living Light Inn case study and other environmental case studies are available online at


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