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Fresh Fruit – Doesn’t Get Better Than That! by hilloah

 Esterlina Winery had their annual picnic in Philo of the Anderson Valley.  They had the usual picnic fair, but their side dishes of salads and fresh fruit were the most interesting and delicious.

The trip to Esterlina was a good break for Archie.  He works so hard on our Great Room.  Right now he is putting up redwood siding on the house and building a new hearth for the fireplace.  He is making it to where you can sit on it and warm up if you are cold.  In the winter we will group chairs around it as everyone will want to chat in comfort.

This week at Living Light we are having the 2011 Showcase where twelve of the top raw food chefs will demonstrate their best raw vegan recipes.  If you can not make it to Fort Bragg, you can still watch the event by purchasing a Gold or Silver package and viewing it on your computer.  You can also upgrade the packages by adding the DVD selection to your cart and get last year’s showcase as well.  Now that’s a deal!


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The Sounds of Silence by mary elizabeth

My daughter’s been away at camp this week and my son’s been with his dad. Needless to say, it’s been very quiet at my house. I don’t really like it. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with all the needs and personalities that go along with a full house, but it’s definitely more interesting than the alternative. And less lonely. Often, I hear myself complaining about never having any time to myself, but evidently I don’t really like it that much. I know I’m supposed to be a whole, complete woman all own my own, but I do really feel like my kids are a part of me, and when they aren’t around I feel kind of empty. And, on a more practical note, I like having someone to comment to during our favorite shows or someone with whom to share a late night snack. I guess I’m just ready for them to come home.

Speaking of coming home, our Chef Showcase is coming right up and lots of our old friends will be here. Living Light graduates who are presenting include Solla Eiriksdottir, Alicia Ojeda, Tina Jo Stephens, Judita Wignall and Christina Archila. We’ll also get to have our own Colleen Cackowski back with us for a few days. Don’t forget Living Light Instructors Vinnette Thompson, Martine Lussier and Amy Bacheller. And new to this year’s line-up: Chef BeLive. Of course, Cherie won’t just be demonstrating some fabulous new recipes, but will also be hosting the event with her usual poise and style. It’s definitely an event to look forward to, and tickets are still available. So – if you’d like to see all these chefs do their thing live and in person, give me a call and I’ll sign you up. It’ll be exciting here at Living Light during the three days of the Chef Showcase – not quiet or lonely at all!

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Instant Replay by mary elizabeth

Hey – if you missed it in August, you can still see Living Light’s 2010 Chef Showcase by purchasing the replay available now on our website! We all wrote so much about it while it was actually happening, I kind of feel like posting the blog equivalent of a flashback episode and just pasting in a bunch of last summer’s stuff –  a blog replay in honor of the showcase replay. For example, from Kristin’s post about top tips from the showcase celebrities:

 Just close your eyes and listen.

Mother of Gourmet Raw Vegan Cuisine, Cherie Soria

Infuse your food with love, and eat mindfully. Commune with your food when you buy or grow it, wash it, peel it, slice it, and of course, when you eat it!

“Mr Flavor” Super Chef Chad Sarno

‘Don’t fear getting in the kitchen and exploring your creativity, take the jump and let the quality of the ingredients guide your dish;

The perfect dish is 60% quality of ingredients, 30% technique and 10% risk; all contribute to the final product.

Raw Cacao Queen Colleen Cackowski

Food is information. The minerals and nutrients in food give your body and its DNA information to do its job perfectly. The more high quality information you give yourself, the more equipped your body is to perform at an optimal level.

Or from Hilloah:

We have been working every day these past two weeks to make sure our culinary showcase was a success. I believe it was. Every chance I got I would ask an attendee if he or she thought this year was enjoyable. Without exception the answers came back: “Loved it!” “I learned so much!” “It is amazing what you can do with a tomato!”

See? I could fill this whole space with interesting things we already said about the showcase. But, I can probably come up with some new ones. I know from my own experience that the demos were fabulous and Cherie made the whole event a real treat, both as information and entertainment. Chad Sarno’s tomato demo was fabulous – I wish you could taste the consomme. And, of course, you can learn to make Vinnette’s desserts – she is the master. You can also find out why Victoria Boutenko thinks fruit flies are our friends. Another fun demo to watch is Cherie’s with the bok choy. Jennifer Cornbleet was acting as host, and once she got a sample she was rendered speechless as she was so enjoying eating it. In Nomi Shannon’s soul food demo, she makes a raw sweet potato souffle that is out of this world – just in time for Thanksgiving. So – check it out.

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Opportunity Knocks by mary elizabeth

So – I’ve already written about change but I haven’t specifically written about change here at Living Light. There’s been a ton. Lots of people are moving on which, of course, means lots of new people are coming and it’s all very exciting. But, at the same time, it’s super sad. Sometimes, the sound of opportunity knocking is delightful and sometimes it’s just annoying.

It started upstairs where we lost Brandon, our assistant demo coordinator, who went on to pursue his art back home in Colorado.  He’s been outstandingly replaced by Gina. She was a student here back in my Marketplace days. She’s delightful. Brandon was closely followed by Meagan, pastry chef extraordinaire, who is following her path to success . Our own Tyler has stepped up to the cake plate and is doing a great job doing Meagan’s work.  Then there’s enrollment’s own Miss Mary who’s left our department for travel and new pastures. She has yet to be replaced.  The incomparable Colleen – our super fab chocolate creator – is giving up her post as Cherie’s personal assistant in order to open her own LA based business. Terrilyn, a recent graduate, will replace her – most superbly, I’m sure. And most sadly, for me, of all – my Raw Food Roommate, Amanda, is moving on as well. I’m super excited for her, but I really don’t want her to go. I’ll miss her terribly. But changes open up new doors and create opportunities we never even imagined. Good luck, Amanda. Good luck to all of you. And welcome to all the new people and new opportunities here.

Speaking of new opportunities, we have a new Associate Chef and Instructor training starting this Saturday. This program is the foundation of our school and gets one ready to pursue any career in the raw food world one desires. If you’re local, we’re running a special, too. You can save up to $725.00 on the whole thing. If you don’t want the complete training you can just come for FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods this Saturday and pay only $290.00. Knock, knock locals. That’s a really good deal so give me a call and sign up today.

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Hot Chefs, Cool Heroes by mary elizabeth

I keep reading pieces about how high school and college aged kids, when asked to name their heroes, used to list such bastions of heroism as MLK, jr. and Gandhi, but now tend to just list off celebrities. I’m not surprised. We, as a collective consciousness, have become so cynical it’s no wonder our children find their safety and comfort in fads and fashion. There’s nothing to be done about it. When our kids are ready for heroes, they’ll find them and in the mean time we grown-ups have to try and live heroically. We have to try and be kind and respectful and honorable so that although their larger-than-life roll models may be consumerized plastic cut-outs, their local ones are real and true.

The staff here at Living Light has been pretty heroic these past few days. The Chef Showcase ended last night and it was  super fun and filled with yummy treats, but  also a ton of work. Vinnette Thompson is here for the Chef Showcase and she is definitely one of my heroes. First of all, she specializes in desserts while she’s here and I love desserts. (I swear I ate a third of a mudslide pie the other afternoon.) For the showcase, she presented a Coconut Custard Pie and Chantilly Lemon Bars. Both were absolutely delectable. That woman is a genius with textures. She’s definitely a celebrity, too. Besides being a guest instructor here at Living Light, she has her own raw business – Raw Food Underground (cool name, huh?) and she used to be the chef at the Hippocrates Institute. How cool is that? Check out her demos on-line as part of our encore package.

Of course, Living Light’s all the time heroe Cherie Soria did a fantastic job as hostess of the showcase. She was warm and engaging – she really kept things rolling and makes a fabulous television personality. She makes a fabulous heirloom tomato tart, too – another recipe you can check out on-line as part of our encore package.  You can still sign up for it and see all these hot chefs do their thing. Heroes or celebrities? You decide.

(And locals – while your thinking about it, come into our cafe – we have dessert platters on sale for $2.95!)

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Fall, Saturn, and the End of Summer by kristin

chocolate saturn

Okay, I’ll confess…August has always been one of my least favorite months. Flowers start to look wilted and dusty, and I’m over summer (never my favorite season anyway; I’m a fall kind of girl). Also, there’s something about Saturn being in my first house in August….(not sure if I got that right, but there’s kind of a strange heavy feeling in the month of August that is sometimes hard to shake.)

As soon as September rolls around, though, I’m already feeling a new spring in my step—the air feels lighter and cleaner, and I just love the way the sun slants down differently than it does in summertime.  woman in fallIt might be partly because I always enjoyed starting school when I was a kid. I liked my new fall clothes in my favorite color palettes, I loved meeting my new teacher and finding my way with classmates, and I really loved diving into books, projects and new things. I still adore fall, and find that even now I feel inspired and ready for adventures in learning. 

I also like the long stretch of colorful leaves, brisk breezes, pumpkins and root vegetables, cozy evenings by the fire, and warm soups before winter begins.

adventures in learning

At Living Light, it’s back to school again, too. Of course we have ongoing classes all year, but somehow the fall seems to attract even more students to the school. The months before December get really busy as our classes fill up with new, enthusiastic students. Speaking of new things to learn…anyone who missed the Living Light Chef Showcase can still watch by signing up for replays. Learn the tricks and tips of celebrity chefs no matter where you live—and catch the excitement of the event…it really is a great educational experience. Step by step demos, all the recipes, and lots of bonuses, too.

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FREE! BEST OF RAW Truly Raw Cacao Contest–Win Prizes! Streaming at 4 PM PST by kristin

Best of Raw Cacao ContestRegister Now to see the 3rd BEST OF RAW Truly Raw Cacao Contest streaming live online beginning at 4:00 PM Today! Laura Fox is creating another rawsome off-the-charts fun contest that you can watch for free. Just click the link above to register and win free prizes while the judging is taking place!

chocolate pieWatch the judging of 16 brand new raw chocolate recipes made by chefs in three categories. This fabulous online event is the kick off to the Living Light Chef Showcase: Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen beginning tomorrow! Join us for this deliciously sweet event you won’t want to miss!

chocolate lady

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