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Learn from the Best by kristin

Living Light Triple Win at Sedona Raw Living Expo!

It’s official! Dan and Cherie looked glamorous and were absolutely beaming as Living Light was acknowledged in three categories at the Sedona Raw Living Expo February 22-24, coming away with the  Best Raw Chef Training Program, Best Eco Raw Company, and a special “Peer to Peer” award for Achievement in Culinary Arts Training. CherieDanAtBestOfRawAwards

As someone who has worked in the company for nearly eight years, I was so happy to see them rewarded for years and years of hard work getting the word out about a gourmet raw food diet.  Cherie has been teaching vegetarian cuisine for 40 years! And finally, they’ve published a book together, too.

Raw Food For Dummies is their first collaborative writing project. Dan has been behind the scenes, behind the camera, and supporting the businesses with his tech savvy, so it’s heartening to see him in the spotlight these days, too.RawRocks

Raw Rocks! Tour Rocks California Next

So now they’re in LA at the big NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST event, and will be touring the state in their mobile home – covering lots of territory in California through the month of March. It’s a nice time of year to see the state and connect with raw restaurants and healthy venues, and most of all the people. Cherie says that meeting with people in the various communities is so rewarding – everyone is excited to meet them and learn about raw food, our school, and all of the amazing things Living Light graduates are doing in the world.


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Renaissance by kristin

We’re off to a new start. The Mayan long count calendar Baktun cycle ended and as of Winter Solstice we’re ready to embark on a brand new era of  mutual cooperation and co-creation. The weather may be a bit gloomy and dark just now, but that gives us a little extra time to reflect on the possibilities of new beginnings in the coming year. I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be quite remarkable if we stay in integrity with our dreams and goals. The last full moon of 2012 kept me awake last night – tuned in to its magic brightness in the dark winter sky. winter tree To sleep, perchance to dream, or shall we now wake up to the certainty that we can be instrumental in helping to create a new society of nurture and care?

Every new year, I am filled with hope – this year even more so. In spite of painful events in the world, I’m hopeful that enough people will pull together in the coming year to start making a true smart

At Living Light, we’re happy, excited and enthusiastic. Dan and Cherie have just published a wonderful new book, Raw Food For Dummies, (raw food for smart, busy people), and are planning a world tour in the new year.  We know that bringing the message of health and vitality to a whole new audience is one of our important missions and we’re glad to take it out to a broader public.

Health, vitality and energy are three important qualities to aspire to in the coming year. We’re blessed and happy to be able to help people with education and delicious food. First stop, Hippocrates Health Institute on January 4 in Florida – the 2013 Raw Rocks Tour!

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Bon Voyage by kristin

Hard to believe that Dan and Cherie are actually taking off for a vacation. I’ve worked here seven years, and although they’ve gone on trips before, they usually are working as they travel. This time they are going to some rather remote locations. Cherie is planning to spend sunrise of her 65th birthday May 31 on top of Machu Picchu, then on to Lake Titicaca and the Galapagos Islands. They definitely deserve a “real” vacation, and I hope they enjoy every minute of the trip. Because they’ve been so dedicated to the business of Living Light, they’ve skimped a bit on that personal time so essential for “filling up the well” of creativity. Both Dan and Cherie are creative visionaries, and I imagine that as they open to these new experiences, breathe deep the pristine air, and enjoy the sights, sounds, culture and people they encounter in these extraordinary places, they will explore new depths of understanding the mission they have chosen. Fare thee well, safe journey and have an absolutely extraordinary rich and beautiful experience Dan and Cherie!galapagos We look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

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