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Food Stylin’ by kristin

Wow – just took the Food Styling for Photography class with the multi-talented Cristina Archila, and she really knows her stuff! It was a lot of fun, and Cherie Soria was there to launch the fab non-prerequisite class, and inspire us all with her expertise about food styling. Both Cherie and Cristina have studied food styling with renowned food stylinst and author of The Food Stylist’s Handbook Denise Vivaldo, and it shows! cool stackThe day-long course was fast paced and fun – we made our own salads, using tricks of the trade that you just can’t imagine until you try it, then we moved on to stacks and pasta dishes – including painting the pasta. We took photos of our creations, and learned so much along the way. Our tool kits were full to brimming with all sorts of tweezers, q-tips, paintbrushes, gels and potions – Cristina really is a raw food artist, for sure. Pasta duo We watched a slide show and had plenty of hands-on practice to hone our new skills. I could have stayed all week! We were supplied with a comprehensive packet that included information on how to sketch out our ideas (like a storyboard) so that if we were on the job as a food stylist, we’d have everything ready to roll for the photographer. salad ICan you imagine? All of this in a one-day class!

I took photos on my iPhone, and others brought fancy cameras to capture their creations. It was a lot of fun, and being a bit of a crazy artist myself, I snapped some unusual angles – one of the shots of my stacks looks a little like a flying saucer!wild stack Well, creative license, you know. Even if you don’t want to be a professional food stylist, think of what you could do for your own brochures, website, and promo materials for your classes as a raw food chef. Possibilities are limitless – Check out some professional photos of our students’ creations, (styled by Cristina Archila, photos by Terilynn Epperson) on our Chef Experience Blog. And here’s one last close-up of my salad, taken by moi – not bad for a day’s work!salad close up


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Picture This by mary elizabeth

Right now, upstairs in the culinary studio at Living Light, the students are in the middle of Ethnic Flavors and Recipe Development. Sometimes, down here in Living Light’s administrative office, I forget about all the fantastic culinary creativity going on upstairs. But not today! One of our beloved students brought down a sample tray. The food was wonderful. It’s always such a blessing to see our students blossom into confident, competent raw food chefs. The ethnic region featured in today’s offering was South America. There were corn tamales which I loved because they were really sweet. There was a layered dip that was super yummy – raw comfort food! There was a savory rice dish as well as rice pudding. There was coconut curry soup. Fantastic! What a treat to get to see what our students are doing with their culinary skills.

And – as you can see – they’re using their photography skills too. But if they, or any of you, want to take food photography to the next level, check out our class Raw Food Styling for Photography. World famous food stylist Denise Vivaldo comes to Living Light for two days of instruction in food artistry. You’ll learn all the tricks the experts use to make food smile for the camera. We’re only offering it once this year and it’s coming up quickly – the last two days in August. So – give me a call and register today!

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Are You Feeling Lucky? by mary elizabeth

As part of our Chef Showcase, we are offering a class for the first time here at Living Light: Raw Food Styling for Photography. Denise Vivaldo, world renowned food photographer, has done lots of work with Cherie in the past and is coming to collaborate on tailoring their combined expertise to raw food. It’s going to be exciting and it’s filling up fast. I feel pretty lucky to be a part of this exciting time at Living Light so I can see all the artistry that’s going to come out of this fabulous new class.

Do you believe in luck or a more ordered world view? I believe in luck. Probably because my personality tends to be more grasshopper-like than antish, if you know your Aesop, and we need luck (and ants) to survive. At any rate, I’ve always been a pretty lucky person but there’s some things going on in my life right now that may require a little more than luck. I’m not too worried (grasshopper!) as things usually tend to work out for me, Not that I don’t put effort into things – I do.  But often it seems all the effort in the world doesn’t pay off like a little good luck. (Some of you may call what I’m talking about karma, but some of you aren’t Irish.)

Putting effort into things can have a big pay off too, of course. Like yesterday – my roommate Amanda and I decided to make it the best day ever. We decided the night before, actually. So we came into work with our “best day ever” attitudes and rocked it. Some people liked it and got on board and some people  found it annoying, but it totally worked for us. We had a super fantastic day. How lucky! Our effort paid off.

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