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Sleepy Time Gal by kristin

modern communicationI’m having one of those sleepy days. Finally, I am back on the blog, but I’m not quite sure how to plunge in and get back in the groove. After all of the excitement of the Living Light Chef Showcase, followed almost immediately by moving to a new (and wonderful) place, maybe I should just cut myself some slack, and take it slow today. No sense in trying to be woman of the year, or even woman of the day, or woman of the hour. Sometimes with all the fast paced communication we do these days, it’s a wonder we all don’t just find a hammock and take a snooze. sleepyI had to stop by our local internet provider today to set up wifi at home. Must admit it was much nicer talking to Giro (a real person) who reconfigured the modem I bought from him back to factory settings. He says that ATT (which I had temporarily) uses a different “protocol.” Personally, I prefer to speak to a real person instead of a robot or a phone tree – maybe it’s just me! At any rate, tomorrow is fall equinox, so all things being equal, I think we’d better search for balance. Speaking of real people, guess what? Some of our real life instructors like Cherie Soria, Martine Lussier, and Alicia Ojeda will be going on the road to bring FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods to places near and far, like Las Vegas, NV and Austin, TX! We haven’t taken FUNdamentals on the road for awhile, so this should be fun. 
so sleepy


September 22, 2011 at 6:22 pm 3 comments

12, 12 and Chocolate by mary elizabeth

Here we are at the autumn equinox – one of the two days a year that are perfectly balanced between light and dark – twelve hours of each. That’s pretty cool. It begins the sign of libra – the scales.  In the early Christian tradition, Michaelmas – the feast of Michael the Archangel (who is also portrayed with a scale), replaced the pagan celebration of the changing season. It begins the fall. – the end of the harvest – all that. Of course, it means from here on till Christmas the daylight will be a little shorter every day which can be kind of a bummer, but can also be kind of cozy once the day is done. 

Balance is one of the things at which I don’t always excel. Often I wake up full of optimistic hope and find myself a taut little ball of worry by lunch time. Sometimes I put all my thoughts and energy into others, while at other times I’m completely self-absorbed – usually all in one day. It’s a tough one for me. I tend to feel more comfortable with extremes. But on this day of balance, I’ll try and maintain an even keel and, for once, eat as much healthy stuff as dessert!

Speaking of dessert – this November we are offering Pastry Arts – Unbaked! II. We only offer it once a year, at holiday time, but if you’ve taken the first Pastry Arts – Unbaked! you won’t want to miss it. And – if you haven’t taken the first class, don’t despair – you can take them back to back (with a little break in the middle for Thanksgiving). Pastry Arts I will be held November 20-23 and Pastry Arts II goes from November 27-30. My hero, Vinnette, will be here to teach alongside our in-house pastry master and resident intern, Tyler Levitetz.  So give me a call and sign up for our holiday pastry classes – the perfect way to balance out your year.

September 22, 2010 at 5:32 pm 2 comments

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