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The Boss of Me by mary elizabeth

imbolc2Here we are again at the second of February.  That’s Imbolc for the pagans, St. Bridgid’s Day for some of the Christians and Groundhog Day for all.   I have written so many blogs about it, though, I’m going to let it go this year….but happy February 2nd everyone!

I’ll bet most of you think this blog is my only creative outlet.  Well, it isn’t.  Living Light Executive Assistant Terilynn Epperson and I have been working on an art project for a few months now.  Every Monday we draw a card from a tarot deck and have a week to recreate it using collage.  It’s been very fun and very rewarding.  We wanted to come up with a plan that would force us to create something every week that wouldn’t be so cardsbig we wouldn’t do it.   So far – we’ve been dedicated and successful.   It’s sort of like a Sunday School project for grown ups.   And we’re enjoying ourselves immensely, thank goodness, because it’s going to take us, like, a couple years.   Anyhow – I’ve been all about commitments these past few months, like the new juicer, the gym membership and this project and it feels really good.  As I’ve said before, I’m better at  sticking to things when I’m bossed around, but lately it seems like I’m getting to where I can boss myself around.  Progress!

teach learnSpeaking of progress, next week Jennifer Cornbleet will be teaching her class Advanced Instructor Training.   I spoke with Jennifer this week about this advanced level class and let me say, if you’re at all interested in being a raw food educator, this is the class for you.  Especially if you’re anything like me, and maybe need some direction (bossing) to get you started.  Jennifer’s experience is invaluable – she can edit your recipes, get your demos television ready and make your website the best it can be!  This class is a great jumpstart for your raw career.  Unless you want it to be a years long project like the cards, I suggest you sign up today!


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Destination Known by mary elizabeth

I have this little card up by my desk which reads: My destiny is mine to control.  It’s from one of those pretty little boxed sets of inspirational cards, this one courtesy of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.  The wording may be a bit tricky for those of us with control issues, but I get it.  I can do anything I want.  I don’t need permission.  I don’t need to wait till everyone else in my life has secured their destinies first.  It’s a powerful and necessary affirmation and I’m glad it’s there and I’m glad it’s true.

Twice a year, Living Light offers this great class called Advanced Raw Culinary Arts Instructor Training.  Jennifer Cornbleet teaches it and it’s all about expanding your business as a raw food instructor.  If you want to see someone who’s made a success for herself in the raw food world, check out Jennifer. Her first book, Raw Food Made Easy for One or Two People, is wildly popular and I would say that when I worked in the Living Light Marketplace, it was the book most mentioned when people spoke of their conversion to raw food.  Anyhow – one of those two times is now!  We are about done with our first certification of 2012 (wasn’t it just Christmas?) and it’s followed by this exciting opportunity to make your business thrive.  Take control of your destiny!

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Enter 2012 by mary elizabeth

Happy New Year!  We’ve landed safely in 2012 and January is shaping up to be an exciting month at Living Light.  This Friday we’ll be checking in students for our very first Instructor Focused Package which consists of our Associate Chef and Instructor certification followed by Jennifer Cornbleet’s Advanced  Raw Culinary Arts Instructor class.  If that’s too much for you right now, were also taking our FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods class on the road this month!  We’re heading down to San Diego on January 28th for all our southern California fans who want to take this class without traveling north.  FUNdamentals is the basic cornerstone class of all we have to offer and is a wonderful day full of information and samples and FUN!

Landing safely in 2012 is no small accomplishment for me and mine. Not only have I semi-successfully moved my work space due to a flood in our dear old admin. office to a temporary spot in the science room, I’ve moved myself and my kids into a new home.  And by “I” in both instances I mean me and some very dear, very helpful people.  Thanks people and thanks universe for supporting me once again in change and challenge.  I’m excited for 2012 and can’t wait to see what’s in store.  My daughter starts high school this year and my son starts middle school and I may be starting graduate school.  Lots of new beginnings – just like the exciting new beginning for our Living Light students.  Bring it, 2012!

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Are You There, Caller? by mary elizabeth

Do you listen to radio call-in shows? I haven’t in years. Do they still exist?  Maybe they do, but I do most of my asking about stuff on the internet. It’s quick and sometimes satisfying. Other times it’s so distracting I forget all about my original question. Anyhow – that’s all good and private but I used to like listening to people call in with all sorts of personal problems and hope to feel better after a couple of minutes of on-the-air therapy. Like Frasier. Anyhow – maybe I’ll search the air-waves this weekend and see if I can’t find one.

If you’d like to call in and get your questions answered by Living Light faculty, you’ll get your chance next Thursday, April 28th. Raw Food Doctors Rick and Karin Dina and internationally renowned author and instructor,  Jennifer Cornbleet, will be hosting a teleconference that evening at 5:30p.m. PST. They’ll talk about their upcoming classes and answer all your questions live, via telephone. The Dinas have a full series of Science of Raw Food Nutrition classes coming up and Jenny will be teaching her Advanced Raw Culinary Arts Instructor course for the very first time this July. Call in and find out all about both opportunities direct from the instructors. Check our website for details. It’ll be fun and informative and way more personal than a Google search!

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Teach Me by mary elizabeth

As one grows older, one accumulates more tools for navigating life’s rough waters. We learn to handle things with grace and dignity rather than hysterics and panic. We can look at painful situations with a veteran’s seasoned eye knowing they won’t last forever. Our coping skills are honed. My birthday’s coming up and it always makes me wonder if I’m getting anywhere and I’m kind of feeling like the answer might be “yes”. I’ve actually learned some stuff and what’s more – I’ve assimilated it. Good for me. Being taught new stuff is one of life’s most exciting and most scary things. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. I haven’t always felt all that ready, but looking back – I guess I was.

Here at Living Light, we not only teach people the art of raw culinary excellence, we also teach people to teach. To help our students along this path we make empowerment kits available to them. Each kit has a theme (i.e. comfort food, breakfast, holiday, etc.) and was developed by Cherie Soria and our own Jenny Cornbleet. Jenny has made a fabulous career for herself as a raw food chef and instructor – and she’s put her expertise into these kits and her new advanced instructor training. If you want to learn to teach – call me!

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Give Peace a Chance by kristin

When I studied with Ann Wigmore at her institute in Puerto Rico in 1991, several of the things I remember best are de-hulling sunflower and buckwheat greens under shady trees, the beautiful big greenhouse, the songs we sang in a circle when we first arrived, and watching a film about the Peace Pilgrim. Beginning in her 50s, she  walked thousands of miles for peace, leaving the comfort of a middle class life, and taking shelter  and food only when it was freely offered.

On a daily basis it is often hard to find peace even in our own hearts, as we are caught up in the daily dramas and anxieties of our own psyches. Yet all over the world, in spite of wars, natural disasters, and other frightening and disheartening events, the human spirit is still capable of expressing love and peace. Peace Pilgrim’s book falls into my hands every couple of years, and I read it again, and pass it on, grateful for the reminder that many have worked  and continue to work to give peace a chance.japanese peace symbol

My friend Monica sent me a note that had been written by a Japanese woman in Sendai, and it was all about how people in that city are reaching out to help each other in dizzyingly painful and terrifying times. Our sister city, Otsuchi, Japan, was hard hit- over 10,000 people are missing. We’re donating $250 for those signing up for our new Advanced Instructor Certification Series with Jennifer Cornbleet as well as 15% of the cost of the 28 day Living Light Inn stay while attending the program. We’ll also have a general donation link for the American Red Cross Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund on our website for Living Light friends, students, and graduates who want to donate. Details in our March Newsletter here. May peace find its way into all of our hearts. hands of light

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Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen Coming to Your ‘Hood August 26-29 by kristin

We’ve just launched ticket sales for our “virtual” Living Light Chef Showcase, Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen event. We’re super jazzed about the actual physical event taking place here in Fort Bragg, which will include a Vinnette Thompson/Martine Lussier stylin’ dessert reception, a picnic in the park at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, an exceptional dinner at Raven’s Restaurant at Stanford Inn, where Chef Kyle Evans creates delectable vegan dishes fresh from his on site gardens, and the opportunity to attend three specialty classes, including Food Styling For Photography with Cherie Soria and Denise Vivaldo.

Raspberry Pie

Raspberry Pie by Denise Vivaldo

We’re also REALLY HAPPY that the event can reach thousands more people worldwide through the magic of the internet.

So, from the comfort of your armchair, cozy neighborhood cafe, or anywhere else you’re hooked up to the internet, you’ll be able to be a part of this classic event. You’ll see some of the best known, most savvy chefs in the raw food movement “doing their thing,” with camera close-ups to capture precious techniques, and all of those little tricks and tips you can’t quite decipher when you are just reading a book.

It’s inspiring to see the chefs in action, and we truly do have an exceptional line-up this year. Among my favorite chefs is Chad Sarno.

Chad Sarno

Chad Sarno

When I worked with him in the Philippines at The Farm at San Benito, one of the staff there called him “Mr. Flavor.” He certainly has a way with haute cuisine, and his translations to raw are off the charts! Vinnette Thompson’s desserts are “to live for,” and I know that mischievous, fun loving Kirsten Gumm will be delighting our eyes and palates equally with her gorgeous food and sunny personality.  Colleen Cackowski will rock our socks with INCREDIBLE chocolate alchemy, and perennial favorite Elaina Love of Pure Joy Planet

Elaina Love

Elaina Love

will teach us all the new things she’s been experimenting with in fabulous new low-glycemic recipes. Chef Tina Jo, Heather Haxo Phillips, and Jennifer Cornbleet are all expert teachers and presenters, with delicious new recipes to share. And we are very lucky to have three of the most respected, professional, creative women in raw foods: Cherie Soria, Nomi Shannon, and Victoria Boutenko on the program.  And our own brilliant Martine Lussier will undoubtedly come up with some simply irresistible new recipes for the occasion–can’t wait! The online event will include the BEST OF RAW Truly Raw Cacao Contest, and a long list of bonuses to enjoy. And of course, we are honored to include the winner of the Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest, Living Light graduate Sheree Clark!

So whether you are in the studio audience, or watching the event online while relaxing at your leisure, don’t miss it!

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