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Another Sign of Fall by hilloah

Another sign of fall: the hatching of termites.  As Archie and I sat by our outdoor fire recently, we could see the birds flying about catching them.  Both the Robins and the Stellar’s Jays seemed to think the termites were most delicious!  This is good as not only is our home made of wood, but we are surrounded by a forest  full of Douglas Firs, Redwoods, Bull Pines, and many other trees.

 Associate Chef and Instructor Training started this week.  In this course you will learn how to make Almond Bread, Enchiladas de Verdura con Chili Colorado, and Turtle Truffles just to name a few recipes.  By now the Living Light students have learned the very basics and can tackle these new recipes with a since of confidence and aplomb.


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Snapdragons by hilloah

Archie and I were talking about what we were going to do on the weekend and I said I would weed out the snapdragons from our wine barrels as they were done. Then I started to think about it. Do they reseed themselves? Do I leave the roots and a few inches of the stalk above ground? It’s Google time! I went to several sites and basically found out that snapdragons can reseed themselves, however it is best to save the seeds and plant next year. Good to know!

 Well, I did not save any seeds as there were so many snap dragons still wanting to flower! I just weeded out the dead ones; looks better!

There are so many yummy choices in our Raw Food Café! My favorite, as everyone knows, is Tiramisu. The Pastry Chefs know to let me know when they bring it down to the café. Our next Pastry Arts – Unbaked! class is May 1st through 4th – I can’t wait.  My favorite non-dessert is the Not Tuna Sandwich. It doesn’t really taste like tuna, but has the same consistency and the flavor is outstanding! And just think, when you come to Living Light Culinary Institute you will get to learn how to make these yummy dishes!

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Being Creative by hilloah

 One of my favorite coworkers, Terilynn, took care of Dan and Cherie’s dogs, Winky and Rudy, while they were in Costa Rica for their anniversary. Her children adored the dogs and have since asked for visiting rights which, of course, was granted as the dogs also love thechildren. It was (and still is) cold here last February and Terilynn took pity on the small dogs and made sweaters for them. Terilynn knows I love to crochet so she asked me for help. We didn’t really understand the directions, so Terilynn readjusted them and look what she created – wonderful!

One of the fun things that Living Light students get to do is create new raw vegan foods. They start out in Associate Chef and begin creating new dishes. Then in Ethnic Flavors and Raw Fusion Spa Cuisine they really get to let their creative juices flow. Flavor dynamics is a very important part of the culinary experience, especially for raw vegan creations as you are attempting to create a taste similar to the cooked version: not an easy task. By the time you graduate, however, you will rawk!

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Being Prepared Is a Team Effort by hilloah

Last night Archie and I went to a town meeting. Where we live, there are several hundred people living off one particular road with only one way to get to Highway One. They were discussing the possibility of opening another access road and proposed four routes, one of which goes by our home. Several of our neighbors were there and now everyone is upset. All agree we need another access road but no one wants it near their home as the traffic will increase. People will use the new road  to get to work in a more efficient manner, etc., and not just in emergencies. We live in the country and know every single vehicle that drives by and if it is not one that we recognize we wonder who it is. If the new road goes in we will have several unrecognized vehicles and a lot more noise. We need the road – fire being the biggest danger – but as I said, no one wants it by their property. The project is scheduled to start in September; I wonder which proposed road it will be?

What WILL be happing in September (and also in July) is the Advanced Raw Culinary Arts Instructor Certification™ Series with internationally renowned chef and author, Jennifer Cornbleet. Master the art of teaching dynamic culinary classes and share the delicious health benefits of raw vegan foods with others. What makes this class so special is you will learn how to organize your notes, your talks, your demos, your internet marketing, and much more! Jenny will wow you with her insight; she has been on television, radio and the internet marketing her talents. Learn how she does it.

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Things I Have Added or Taken Away From My Life by hilloah

Since I started walking, I have taken away drinking wine on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and allowed myself only one coffee latte a day (it has been so cold lately I was having two or more!). Last week I added writing and mailing a minimum of one letter a week to family or friends. This week I will add writing one memory for a minimum of five a week.

By memories I do not mean a journal per se, but writing up actual memories of my children. I started out by listing six memories per child – I have four children: one daughter and three sons – and then started writing them out. Once I started, more memories came. This will be a great gift to give them later. Will I ever  finish?

I think for the next week or so I will stay status quo: walk, drink less wine and lattes, write letters and memories. Those are pretty good goals.

What is up here at Living Light? We are gearing up for our first “mini series” of FUNdamentals, Knife Skills (which I will be taking), Essentials and the Science of Raw Food Nutrition, Level I. After the series is over we will have a four day break and then we will be starting over again with a full Gourmet Raw Food Chef series as well as the full Science of Raw Food Nutrition series.

 What a spring this will be!

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To Add or Take Away, that is the Question – by hilloah

Weekends are so precious! Sometimes they are full of chores at home, events with friends,  and then getting ready for the work week. This last weekend I had nothing planned, which felt great on the Friday before.  So how did I fill in the time?

On Saturday Archie and I had the bottle of champagne he bought me for Valentine’s Day. A few weeks ago I read an article in AARP about a woman who got in shape “accidently” by walking on her lunch hour. So I started to briskly walk for 20 minutes a day Monday and Friday and enjoyed it.shape

That started me to thinking about a book I had heard about a few years ago. This book was about getting into shape mentally, physically, and if you wished, spiritually. It advocated that you add or take away one thing a week to help you towards your goal. Walking is what I’ve added so far. Stay tuned next week for the take away!

Meanwhile, back at work, The first Gourmet Raw Food Chef Certification is over and now we are heading for the Science of Raw Food Nutrition series. I have taken Level I and was very impressed by Rick and Karin Dina the instructors of the series. In that class you learn where to get your proteins, calcium, vitamin B12, those essential amino acids, and so much more. Too many people become vegetarians, vegans, or raw foodists without a thought about a balance of foods to serve our needs. Did you know that a head of romaine lettuce has 44% of your daily requirements? Not only that but it is a complete protein – it has the amino acids that are so important for our health  ! Awesome!lettuce

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A Balanced Planet by hilloah

I wrote last week about people helping people. I wrote about a local school teacher who believes in an Environmentally Green Earth. Let’s see what she is doing now.

 Tami is going to UC Davis  for her doctorate  and working to help the people of Bangladesh to grow tangerine trees. Why? She is setting out, along with her colleagues, to prove that mothers who eat tangerines while nursing their babies not only have better health, but  their babies are healthier as well. Assuming this is true,  they can then advise the country to grow tangerines as there will be a local market and they will not have to be imported. A new industry could conceivably be birthed. This would truly help the economy in Bangladesh.

 Today’s environmentalists, economists and politicians are thinking “outside the box”. Not only does every country need to be “green”, but they must be self sustaining as well. It is not fair to demand that a country stop their best industry because it is contributing to the unhealthiness of the planet and not help them start a healthy industry that will benefit planet Earth. Tami’s group is one of many who are working on this predicament.

 As I have said before: you do not have to help others in a big way – Archie and I are giving our extra plants and harvested veggies to others, and it is very much appreciated. Some naysayers are heralding the end of civilization as we know it; but I see too many people reaching out and helping others.

 Have you placed your vote for the Hot Raw Chef Sweet Valentine Video Recipe Contest yet? I will do it this weekend when I have the time to watch the videos. Not only will I get to watch the videos and vote, but I will also get the recipes in eBook form – how exciting!

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