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Aaugh! by hilloah

We had a break-in this weekend and were robbed.  We went to harvest our organic corn and found only half was still there!  We had been hit by raccoons.  Aaugh!  They may be cute little buggers, but not any more!  Our goldfish are safe from them because we provide a four-foot deep pond for them and the ones in the wine barrel have a screen over them.  We didn’t even think about our vegetables being in jeopardy!  Did I say “Aaugh!”?

At Living Light, we will be through with the Associate Chef and Instructor course this week and then will be in the advanced course of Ethnic Flavors.   The students will be learning to make East Indian Zucchini Dahl, Rawvioli with fresh Herb Pesto atop Tomato Concasse,  fresh Corn Tamales and Transcendent Crab Cakes just to name a few recipes.  This is basically a recipe development course, so there will be many more foods explored.  After Ethnic Flavors, comes RawFusion Spa Cuisine:  another recipe development course where students will learn appetizers and savory snacks, the art of dressings, sauces and marinades, and learn the art of plating and garnishing.  Sounds good, huh?


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Being Creative by hilloah

 One of my favorite coworkers, Terilynn, took care of Dan and Cherie’s dogs, Winky and Rudy, while they were in Costa Rica for their anniversary. Her children adored the dogs and have since asked for visiting rights which, of course, was granted as the dogs also love thechildren. It was (and still is) cold here last February and Terilynn took pity on the small dogs and made sweaters for them. Terilynn knows I love to crochet so she asked me for help. We didn’t really understand the directions, so Terilynn readjusted them and look what she created – wonderful!

One of the fun things that Living Light students get to do is create new raw vegan foods. They start out in Associate Chef and begin creating new dishes. Then in Ethnic Flavors and Raw Fusion Spa Cuisine they really get to let their creative juices flow. Flavor dynamics is a very important part of the culinary experience, especially for raw vegan creations as you are attempting to create a taste similar to the cooked version: not an easy task. By the time you graduate, however, you will rawk!

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Things I Have Added or Taken Away From My Life by hilloah

Since I started walking, I have taken away drinking wine on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and allowed myself only one coffee latte a day (it has been so cold lately I was having two or more!). Last week I added writing and mailing a minimum of one letter a week to family or friends. This week I will add writing one memory for a minimum of five a week.

By memories I do not mean a journal per se, but writing up actual memories of my children. I started out by listing six memories per child – I have four children: one daughter and three sons – and then started writing them out. Once I started, more memories came. This will be a great gift to give them later. Will I ever  finish?

I think for the next week or so I will stay status quo: walk, drink less wine and lattes, write letters and memories. Those are pretty good goals.

What is up here at Living Light? We are gearing up for our first “mini series” of FUNdamentals, Knife Skills (which I will be taking), Essentials and the Science of Raw Food Nutrition, Level I. After the series is over we will have a four day break and then we will be starting over again with a full Gourmet Raw Food Chef series as well as the full Science of Raw Food Nutrition series.

 What a spring this will be!

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A New Path this Spring by kristin

Path to somewhere It’s the last day of February, and that means March is coming up. Spring renewal, spring cleaning, a fresh start, and new beginnings are in order. After the short days of winter, it is great to look forward to what’s on the horizon and to include more green in our days in a variety of ways.

Green is definitely our favorite color here at Living Light! And to get you started, here’s one of our favorite recipes for Garden Blend Soup!

Over and over again we hear from our students that taking the leap towards a new life is possible with raw foods. It is definitely a life changing experience to come here to Living Light and experience the wealth of information and expertise offered by our teaching staff and the gourmet raw foods curriculum we’ve been perfecting for more than 14 years.

spring cleaningSpring is the ideal time to clean not only our physical houses, but our emotional and spiritual houses as well. Over many years, I’ve been hearing from people that as they improve their diets, they find that their spirits are lifted, they experience more mental clarity, a positive outlook on life, and renewed hope for the future. Remarkable benefits available to everyone, no matter where they’re starting from on the path.

We’re delighted to offer several upcoming class sessions to support your fresh start. Whether you’d like to learn how to make great, healthy raw foods for family and friends, or you are ready to jump start a career, we encourage you to start here at Living Light. We promise your creations will be magically delicious! There are still a few more spots in both our Essentials of Raw Living Foods session beginning March 5 and our Gourmet Raw Foods Chef training beginning March 19th. Get your green on!

green world

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You DO Make a Difference! by hilloah

helping hands

I received an email from my sister about a program helping women who have cancer clean their homes for four months while they undergo treatment. The website is I am continually delighted and amazed how people are helping people.

flowers in barrelA former renter dropped by yesterday to see Archie and me. Tami and her dog, Indy, were on our property for three months before we moved up here and about three months after. Once a month she had a septic company come, and had her “grey” water (water from the sink and shower) empty out on a barrel in which she planted flowers. She was always interested in being environmentally “green”.

After she left Fort Bragg she went to Ukiah to teach high school. There she touched people’s lives in ways she did not know. One student who had cerebral palsy came up to her at the end of the term to thank her. He had been trying to kill himself by starving to death. He had ended up in the hospital, but that did not change his mind. One day at school Tami was behind grading papers and decided to put on a movie. She chose a movie about anorexia and bulimia. After watching the movie the student realized he was in control of his actions and decided from that point to change his eating habits and his life. Tami had always treated him with respect and he decided to earn it. She was flabbergasted to hear his story, but so proud of his decision.  Next week I’ll share another story about Tami.

I can hardly wait to vote for the Hot Raw Chef contest. Voting will begin this Friday, January 28th and end February 9th.  Someone called us today to ask if they could vote for themselves – how sweet! I am sure Obama voted for himself!

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“Thank you again for a great learning experience….” – by hilloah

 You do a job, and sometimes without your knowing, you have helped change another’s perception of who they are. I get a lot of these types of emails from Angels and students alike:


“Dear Hilloah.  Thank you for the very positive experience serving as a “kitchen angel”.  Linas, Joe, Gina, BarbaRaw, Tyler and Brenda were a joy to work with.  I was unsure on how I wanted to use my knowledge and skills as a career and I feel that I’ve gained a better perspective on my career goals.  I found out that I really enjoy catering.  Participating and planning the morning breakfasts and lunches made me see why my catering events have been unorganized and unprofitable.  I’ve returned home motivated and organized.

Again, I had a wonderful experience.  I just may take the catering class again in November.”

There’s nothing like knowing that your job reaches beyond your desk. The appreciation for what we do here, from our students, our angels and our graduates makes it all worth while.

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FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods with New Students by amber west

New students are here!

So much excitement is in the air!

As do many employees, I wear many hats at Living Light.  I work as an Enrollment Specialist downstairs in the front office; however I’m also doing a Teaching Internship upstairs in the kitchen and culinary studio.  Primarily I teach the FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods class (nicknamed FUN).  This is one of

Some of our Kitchen Staff and Angels sorting and washing the incoming Produce order

our most exciting classes.  We allow more students in this class than any other (maximum of 36) and it is the very first class you take at Living Light if you are a culinary arts student.  The excitement in the air is tangible.  Students show up with their new, shiny Living Light binders and pens ready. This is also one of our most intensive classes. It’s only a 1 day class, however it’s packed with information.  We demonstrate how to make tons of food and provide samples of everything we make to the students.  We cover loads of information and provide a lot of quick tips as we go. It is my favorite weekend to work.

Taking a break

This is the way I spent last weekend.  Though in the days leading up to FUNdamentals I end up at home at night with aching feet and my mind exhausted, come Sunday it was all worth it to see the students so inspired and uplifted. You can see their minds churning with recipe ideas, newly opened to just the beginning of all the possibilities that raw foods has to offer.  I love to overhear them talking.  Sharing ideas and secret recipes that they’ve made. The satisfaction that this gives me is unexplainable.

This particular group is especially amazing.  They are friendly and outgoing, supportive of each other and helpful.  Some classes are quiet, others ask so many questions you hardly have time to teach a demo.  This group is something special. They watch and listen, even smile a little at you while you’re teaching (a teacher’s dream) and then when Q&A time comes, they’re on it.  They have in-depth and well thought out questions.  It’s a great start with a great group.  The next three weeks are gonna be fun!!

I’ll let you know more next week!

~Amber West

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