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Winter’s Coming by mary elizabeth

winter's comingIt’s beginning to look a lot like winter.  First of all, we have quite a storm system blowing through Fort Bragg right now.  It’s very wet and although we have sunny skies in between storms, the down pours and winds themselves are quite impressive.  If you’re headed our way, be sure and check the roads for closures because there’s been some flooding.  I’ve been lucky both here at Living Light and at home as far as power outages – I’ve been all powered up so far.  Anyhow – it’s “between storms” right now and it’s a lovely day out.  Far out for now!

And secondly, looking forward to the beginning of winter means, of course, the holidays.  There’s soretro family xmas much to do every weekend this month!  This weekend’s holiday cheer is a benefit concert by Willits Brass (featuring my sweet boyfriend) at the Company Bar (featuring sweet Amanda) for Project Sanctuary.  All good fun for a good cause.  The weekends coming up will have lighted truck parades and lighted botanical gardens and more parties and gosh – what a whirlwind!  Sometimes…. I must admit…. I feel a bit overwhelmed by all of it and kind of wish I could just hide at home and read.  But, I always have a good time once I get myself to these things and I have such wonderful friends with whom to do them.  The holidays are winterall about connections – to your community, your family and your friends.  I’m feeling so good about the connections in my life right now I just know this winter will be beautiful.  As we near the solstice, let’s connect to all those things plus the planet.  As we move through these dark days, let’s light our worlds.


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April Showers Bring May Flowers by hilloah

I keep saying this to people who are tired of the rain. We all love flowers and in May the roses should start to bloom as well as the rhododendrons. And we might still have iris and perhaps the daffodils.  Our dahlias are growing so soon we will have those as well. Yippee!

Then the fruits and veggies will start. Our peach, cherry, apple, and fig trees are all starting to blossom. Everytime we see a bee, whether one of our mason bees or honeybees,  near the trees, Archie goes up to them and points out the other blossoms and gives them directions to the other flowers to pollinate. How cute is that? Next will come the squash, corn, pepper, cucumber and tomato plants. Archie will be a busy man!

 Have any of you gone to Living Light’s salad bar lately? Man, it’s great! It starts with fresh mixed lettuce, then romaine, shredded carrots, shredded beets, cucumbers, shredded red cabbage, celery, cherry tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts. And then each day has different selections: cooked and sprouted black or garbanzo beans, steamed rice, sauerkraut, or something extra like a mixed marinated veggie salad. Three or four dressings are available: Dijon Mustard dressing, Ranch, Liquid Gold, or Tomato Basil. I truly gorge on Living Light’s salad bar!

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Botanical Garden by hilloah

The Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden has long been a favorite place for me and Archie to visit, even before we moved up here. We would take a picnic lunch and go to the cliff house and watch the whales go by.  The rhododendrons are so beautiful and last longer at the coast. We have rhodies at our home, but we are inland by a mile so the time is not quite as long. The gardens have so many plants and show so many ways to decorate your yard. We rarely go without buying at least one. The botanical gardens had their annual spring plant sale this past weekend. Being members we were able to go the evening before for goodies, wine, and the real reason: plants. It was so much fun –  cold, but fun.

Coming up soon is the Science of Raw Food Nutrition series. This series includes Level I, Level II, the Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification, Level III, and the Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification. If you find nutrition interesting, and would like to learn the science behind a raw vegan diet,  please contact me and ask for the descriptions of these stellar classes.

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3 Reasons to Smile by hilloah

In March we at Living Light are having a “mini series”.  We’re offering the first four classes of the Associate Chef and Instructor certification series. It begins with FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods and our Knife Skills Intensive. The next five days are spent in Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts. After a much deserved Saturday off, students will spend the next two days in the Science of Raw Food Nutrition.   This is a great opportunity for those who cannot spend three weeks away from home at one time, or for people who are mainly interested in learning raw culinary arts for their home kitchen. Check it out! 

We received a great Christmas present this last year from our friends Joe & Sandi: a membership to FOG – Friends of the Gardens. We went to our first meeting last week. We did not know what to expect, except for appetizers and wine. (One of the enticements!) I discovered that they are preparing an “Adventure Walk” for children aged 4 to 8, but it sounds like so much fun that I think many adults will want to walk the path too. There will be a teepee to sit in, a large nest with concrete eggs to sit upon, and vegetables to pick from the garden and eat. Who wouldn’t want to go?  Next month they are having a lecture series on “Victory Gardens”.   I love our local botanical gardens!

Well, I voted for the Hot Raw Chef Sweet Valentine Video Recipe Contest, have you? It was fun looking at the videos: some were funny, some were serious and the food looks so very good – I will enjoy the eBook of recipes

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January and Inspiration by kristin

fern frond

Even though the energy is supposedly still curled up tight in January, I always feel a little surge of Spring at this time of the year. Just enough to tease out that little bit of hope that might have lain dormant after the holidays. When I go out to visit the plants on my deck, I see some new fronds and shoots, and a tinge of fresh green, nature’s “hardest hue to hold” as Robert Frost says.

I love inspiration. We are starting to feel extra inspired this year, because we have our first group of students moving into “Chef” as we call it–when they really start using the skills they’ve aquired so far, and do their first public culinary demo at our school, besides learning (and eating!) a variety of truly scrumptious recipes. And we have extra reason to celebrate. Our chef Amber West has decided to follow her passion and complete our Living Light Associate Chef Internship Program. heart inspiration

This means that she’ll be here as a chef/instructor for every Associate Chef and Instructor Series we have throughout the year. We’ve decided that this will be a great opportunity for us to launch another blog, called “The Chef Experience.” Amber will chronicle each of the sessions with students in the Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Training™ program, and share insights and photos from each group. This will prove to be inspiring to everyone working here, as well as to all the potential Living Light students out there who want to know the “skinny” on the day to day learning process. We’re really excited! We can hardly wait to share a bird’s eye view of our classes with all of you. And don’t forget the Hot Raw Chef Sweet Valentine Video Contest!

world view

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Tsk, tsk, tsk, Archie by hilloah

I have to say that Archie “ticked” me off recently. I received a bonus from Dan and Cherie to use in the Living Light Marketplace. We carry all of our instructors favorite knives carefully selected by Cherie Soria at our retail store. I asked Archie what he would like and he said a knife. He went and selected the knife – a Mac– and also looked at the knife sharpeners.  He liked one – the Henckel’s Sharpening Steel – but said that we could get that later. Great! I went and got both with the thought of wrapping the sharpener up and putting it in his Christmas stocking. festival of lights

We went out to dinner with friends before going to the Festival of Lights that night at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens and I put my stuff and Archie’s knife and present in the trunk of the car. Archie asked if I bought the knife earlier and I said, “Yes, it is in the trunk”.

The next morning I got up and poured myself a cup of coffee intending on taking a sip and then going to the car to bring in the stuff, (but I would leave the sharpener in the trunk–sneak sneak). That way I could sneak it in the house later. As I am pouring the coffee I notice my coffee carafe from work on the sink. Oh, no! “Honey, did you bring in my stuff from the car?” “Yes, I did. I see you decided to buy the sharpener after all.”

reindeer and mouse santa

ARRRGH! “That was one of your Christmas presents!” “Oh. OK. You can wrap it up if you want and stick it in my stocking.” Yeah, right! See why he “ticked” me off?

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Volunteering Can Be Fun by hilloah

The Fort Bragg Food Bank means much more to our city than just giving food to those who are having an economic hard time. They also accept clothes to give to participants. The Cheshire Book Store aligns with the Food Bank and encourages their patrons to buy books and then  gives them to the Food Bank to distribute to the children in line.

Some of our neighbors donate their extra fruits and veggies to the Food Bank, and some to the Senior Citizens Center. The great thing about Fort Bragg, California is the volunteers: there are so many organizations. It will be hard for me, once I retire, to decide for which program I will volunteer. Will it be hospice, the hospital, the Food Bank, Senior Citizens Center, the dog park, Mendocino Coast  Botanical Gardens or other organizations that need help? I am looking forward to making some decisions in a few years!

Living Light often times goes to Big Brothers and Sisters and gives food demonstrations to the children as well as the 4H Club, Harvest (our local supermarket), and the Mendocino Coast District Hospital. We have also given the hospital staff tuition specials for our culinary courses. We particpated in the Salmon Restoration Association Barbecue one year. We got a few dirty looks at first as people thought we were trying to convert them – as if! I told them that we were offering vegan raw salmon cakes as an alternative to over fishing the ocean. I then offered  a sample and they were surprised that it tasted so good! I was exhausted by the end of the day, but it was fun to watch people change their minds in a positive way. The children kept coming back for seconds and more! Yes, it was a good day.

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