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Spice of Life by kristin

What is the spice of life? Take a little sunshine, add a sprinkle of rain, a big dollop of friendship, a generous amount of love and season with agreeable work. Leaven with time to play, a dash of travel and a modicum of excitement and you’re on your way! Sounds kind of corny, but there it is. The simple things in life are often most enjoyable. Horizon's UnlimitedWhat’s on your horizon these days? If you’re feeling like you need something new and exciting now is the time to plan your next move.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what you’d really like to do. Or you have a longing to do something specific, but don’t think it’s possible. How do you get there from here? No one can see the future, but often dreaming big is what’s needed. Imagine what you really want to do, and allow the possibility that it can happen! When people first call our office at Living Light, some might think that coming here is an impossible dream. Maybe they are concerned about finances, or family matters, or personal health. As we work with them and support them, they often discover that anything is possible. It’s inspiring to hear the stories. When our prospective students put their minds to it, it’s quite amazing what they are able to manifest. coco chanel

What they thought was a wall becomes a door to a future they were afraid to imagine. What joy when that breakthrough takes place! If you want to attend Living Light and become a raw food chef, we’d love to help you keep moving in the right direction! Our 2013 Calendar is ready – keep movingCall our enrollment department at 707-964-2420. Mary Elizabeth, Amanda and Cheryl are ready to advise you on YOUR next steps.


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New You by kristin

I was in a local shop today and the proprietor asked me how things were going at Living Light. “Busy, Busy” I said, and she said “That’s good – keeps you off the streets.” eco lodgingNever truer than this weekend, which is not only the umpteenth annual Paul Bunyan Days celebration here in Fort Bragg, but is also a weekend where we welcome our new FUNdamentals students arriving today. I peek out of the office and see them filtering in from around the world. Always an interesting, eclectic group of intrepid travelers who seek the key to health through learning how to make gourmet raw vegan food. And the Drs. Dina are in town, teaching the Science of Raw Food Nutrition this weekend. Speaking of our labor day celebrations here, there are quite a few events, including an vintage dressesOld Fashioned Dress Review, an ugly dog contest,  horseshoe tournament, classic car exhibit and gem and mineral show, along with traditional Paul Bunyan style competitions. One of my favorite things is the Library Book Sale – you can get some great bargains there for winter reading! So the excitement is building in town today – what a fun weekend for arriving students – many of whom have saved for years to come here and learn from Living Light. It’s always interesting to watch their progress, or as we say, Living Light students becoming Living Light chefs. It’s quite a metamorphosis!metamorphosis

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Summer Roses by kristin

There’s nothing like early summer – my niece Stella’s favorite time of year. Here in California we’ve got lots of blooming plants already and my all time favorites are roses – might be because I hark from the City of Roses, Portland, Oregon. summer roseThe ones in my yard (I moved last fall) have been neglected for a few years, so I’m carefully picking off all the leaves that have black spot and trying to get them to feel better. As beautiful as they are, roses aren’t the easiest to take care of, and yet they are kind of resilient at the same time. Like people, they respond to care and attention. rose bouquet I made a promise to myself to stop and smell the summer roses this year. We’re still plenty busy at Living Light, what with the Raw Food Revolution Tour heading East and Drs. Rick and Karin Dina beginning their Science of Raw Food Nutrition Tour in just a couple of weeks, but this is the first time in the seven years I’ve been at Living Light that we don’t have a MAJOR EVENT like a Vibrant Living Expo or a Chef Showcase at the end of August.  I have a little more breathing room, and a bit more freedom to balance my life and remember that it’s important to enjoy the long days of summer.  Mmmmmm – smell the roses! This weekend I’m going to the Mendocino Film Festival. What are you doing this summer? beach ball

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Student Services Needs YOU! by kristin

Do you possess these qualities? 

Management QualitiesLiving Light International is looking for a creative, highly motivated, organized person to direct student services for Living Light Culinary Institute, a private post-secondary raw vegan culinary school. We are looking for someone with high standards and integrity who is an excellent collaborator, with strong sales and leadership abilities, who would thrive working for a company whose goals are to make the world healthier and more sustainable. Our ideal candidate would possess qualities of caring and compassion balanced with assertiveness and experience in problem solving.

Did we mention multitasking?

This key management position requires knowledge of sales and marketing, admissions procedures, operations policies and procedures, budgeting, student orientation and support, and alumni outreach to an international clientele. international clienteleCandidate will research, implement and maintain state licensing requirements, and will work closely with school directors, accounting and marketing departments to successfully promote the school internationally. Knowledge of Outlook, Excel, Word, Filemaker, Infusionsoft or other CRM software is essential. Visit our website for complete details about the position.

If you are looking for a position that will challenge you to perform to your highest abilities in an atmosphere of mutual support, we’d like to talk to you.teamwork

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Wild World by mary elizabeth

When I lived in Oakland, California I used to make a conscious effort to connect to the part of the world on which I was living.  It was pretty paved over and who knew if those weeds under the overpass were indigenous or not.  The estuary was right across the freeway from my loft, but it was pretty industrialized, too.  I used to make a point to remember the ground, the water, the sky all used to be wild and natural and we were living on a piece of the earth.  Now I live in Fort Bragg, California and am ashamed to say I now have to make a conscious effort to pay attention to the beautiful, wild and natural setting I’m in today.  The trees, the flowers, the powerful Pacific is all right there and sometimes I don’t even notice till bedtime when I take a moment to review what’s right with my life.  Oh well – being conscious and appreciative and careful with the gifts we’ve been given is a full time job and I’ve already got one of those.

Wild Mendocino was appreciated by my daughter and lots of Living Light employees this past Sunday as our directors, Dan and Cherie, sponsored a mushroom lecture and hunt.  The event was led by Ryan Snow, mushroom expert, who gave the talk and then led our intrepid seekers through the woods.  My daughter went with my roommate (who also happens to be Living Light’s Student Services Manager) and they came back with tons of mushrooms and knowledge.  And the fresh faced flush of a day out in the wild part of the world.  My son and I spent the time shopping for valentines and playing air hockey, in case you were wondering.  We came home all flushed with competition and consumerism and ready to eat the spoils of the hunt.  Modern life doesn’t always mix with connection to one’s surroundings, but it sure tastes good to try.

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Snow Falling by kristin

holiday wrapIndeed it is December. Although it doesn’t snow here in Fort Bragg (or rarely, so locals say), we can make it snow here on our blog, a cozy touch I like. We’ve already had our holiday party here at Living Light. I’m listening to Christmas songs on Pandora as I write these words, and everywhere I turn are announcements of Christmas concerts, craft fairs, cookie sales, and other delights of the season. I haven’t started my Christmas cards yet, or wrapped any presents. But we’ve wrapped up the school year, and Dan and Cherie are going to be working from Costa Rica for the month of December. I’m glad that they are taking a little time to be in a place they love, and I hope they spend some time enjoying the tropics. I’m spending Christmas right here in Fort Bragg – no traveling (a good thing). So I plan to attend some local events and spend a little time with friends here in town. We’re even talking about midnight mass on Christmas eve. Let’s see if that comes together. midnight mass parisRight now Frank (Sinatra) is singing “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.” That’s it – the reason for the season – peace on earth. Let’s hold that thought in our hearts for the next month.jingle on

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Día de los Muertos by mary elizabeth

Every morning, I have a little centering ritual which includes looking up the patron saint, or saints, of the day.  For example, today’s patron is Demetrius the Wonderworker. Don’t you feel better already?  I know I do.  It gives me the opportunity to read a little story someone thought was relevant and important and cool enough to actually submit for validation by the church.  Are the stories true?  Who cares!  It’s a connection with the past and helps me get the day off to less self centered start.

Today we are setting up our annual Day of the Dead altar in the café.  I love this yearly tradition.  Employees here at Living Light are encouraged to bring in items to place on the altar in honor of someone who’s special to them but no longer with us here on the planet.  The altar always turns out so beautifully.  We’ll have to take some pictures to share in an upcoming post.  It’s a community event, too, so there are altars to see all over town.  Besides the altar, we’ll be participating in the celebration by offering a trio of raw Mexican chocolates in the café.  This will also be the public debut of our new pastry chef,  Donna Marie Heagen – a saint in her own right!  Come check out her confectionery mastery!  The cost is $5.00, but you get a five dollar certificate good in the Marketplace so it’s all good.  Locals – definitely come check it out!

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