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More Bees by hilloah

Today, Archie spent his time putting a temporary roof on our great room. He is adding a great room  to our cabin and the weather report says that it will rain tonight and tomorrow. Though the roof is on, it is only plywood without any roofing materials and the rain could get in.

Last night he was exhausted after being on the roof all day, but our neighbor came by and said that they had a new swarm of honey bees if we wanted  them. We do want the bees, but Archie’s back was in major “ouch” mode. She said, “Oh don’t worry – my husband and our neighbor will help.” So off he went to get the bees, while I went to bed to read.

They got the bees in the box with only two stings for Archie (luckily no stingers remained after contact). Then this morning he went back to the neighbor’s yard to get the box as the bees had calmed down and he brought them over to our yard. Now we have both Mason and Honey Bees: we should have a great garden!

FUNdamentals on the Road™ in Las Vegas – Have FUN in Vegas –  but don’t gamble with your health! Cherie Soria will be heading to Las Vegas in October to teach FUNdamentals, the first course to take in receiving either your Associate Chef & Instructor or Gourmet Raw Food Chef certifications. If you also sign up for Shine, the Lifemax Annual Conference, scheduled for the following day, you will receive a free copy of the required text, Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies, by Cherie Soria. Such a deal!


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Mila and Me by mary elizabeth

It’s been a long time since I’ve sung the praises of Mila in this blog. My very first one was all about how it changed my life. And seriously, it has. I’m still using it on a regular basis and I’m still essentially pain free. It’s amazing and if you haven’t checked out the miracle seed (it’s a strain of chia) for yourself, I suggest you do. If you’re local, you can do just that at Living Light this Saturday, May 28th at 9:00a.m. There’s going to be a free presentation on the benefits of adding Mila to your life – not only from a health perspective but as a business opportunity. And there’ll be samples of a yummy Mila shake for everyone to try. Why wouldn’t you come?

There are so many benefits to a raw vegan diet. When I eat mostly raw, I feel better. When I eat mostly raw, I look better. But I must say, when I’m following a cruelty-free way of life, I feel a lot more balanced. Not just my body, but my mind and heart. And it’s so easy, really. There are tons of cute vegan shoes and purses and beauty products out there, not to mention food, food, food. I’m finding I’m not all that drawn to vegan cheese and other products that simulate dairy or meat – but I’m a sucker for shoes and found the cutest pair on-line last weekend. Anyhow – I urge you to investigate a raw vegan diet, the power of Mila and Living Light! Our products and classes will make your journey a success.

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Our Second Favorite by mary elizabeth

Did you know that Halloween is this country’s second largest commercial holiday? I didn’t, but am happy to learn it. I mean, if our holidays must be commercial I’d just as soon we spend our money on skeletons and false eye lashes than anything else. Anyhow – I like our big commercial amalgam of a celebration. It’s drawn from so many traditions – Celtic, Greek, Roman, Christian – you name it. I guess everyone needs to embrace the darkness sometimes.     

Living Light is celebrating the second largest commercial holiday by participating in a local Day of the Dead celebration. We are going to have two altars on exhibit from October 25th to November 2nd  – one in the Marketplace and one in the Café. We had one in the Marketplace last year upon which employees were encouraged to bring remembrances of their honored dead. We had items ranging from grandpa’s fishing gear to an Elvis cookbook. It was fabulous! I’m not sure what this year’s altars will bear, but I’ll keep you posted – and locals should come down and see them. Last year, there was an altar tour and reception with local goodies served, including a trio of raw chocolate delights from Living Light. Yum!

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Hot Chef and a Cool Kitchen by mary elizabeth

One of the fabulous hot raw chefs featured in our up-coming Chef Showcase is our very own Culinary Programs Manager – Martine Lussier. Her many duties here encompass so much – she’s a full time instructor and she manages the kitchen. She keeps the kitchen coordinated so that everything flows smoothly between the school and the cafe. She also loves to create yummy recipes in her spare time. She always looks amazing – not everyone can make a chef coat look so stylish. She always looks so busy too, but makes time for a smile or a hug. When I first started here, back in my Marketplace days, she was friendly and patient with me as I climbed the learning curve. She’s a lot of fun, too.  She loves to dance. She was definitely one of the stars of the raw food roommates’  80’s party. Last week we went and saw Zepparella at the Caspar Inn. We had a great time. It’s always nice to get out and do things with co-workers that’s not work related once in a while.

The recipes she’s going to feature at the showcase are yummy gluten free breakfast items like muffins and biscotti. And guess what? She uses Mila in them. Isn’t that great? Martine keeps the Living Light kitchen nice and cool – she’s super hot and a fantastic chef. And – if you haven’t voted for your favorite in our Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest yet, you better hurry. The deadline is today.  The videos are fun to watch and you get an e-book of all the recipes for your time. Super yay!

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Appreciation and the Blues by mary elizabeth

Here at Living Light we honor a different department in the company the second week of each month. This month it’s the enrollment department. Super yay! This means we get lots of presents and notes of appreciation from our co-workers. It’s lots of fun and a wonderful way to express our admiration for all the different components that make up this complex company

 But despite all this special treatment, I’m feeling super bluesy today – melancholy – which isn’t a comfortable way to feel at all, unless you’re at home under the covers on a rainy day watching Brian’s Song. But as uncomfortable as it is I know I just have to feel it, you know, wait it out. And, of course, as uncomfortable as that is I know exactly what’s making me feel this way. It’s me!! I’ve been so busy; I forgot that feeling good and being happy only comes from the inside. When I get distracted from this wise and difficult to remember truth, I will look for anything at all outside of myself to make me feel better. And, as usual, because I’ve neglected the inner part of me from which real happiness comes, I can’t appreciate the outside things even if they did make me happy. Which they of course don’t, except for Meagan’s mudslide pie I need to meditate – and cry on Amanda’s shoulder – and put away my laundry. Oh – and drink some mila! Most importantly, I need to appreciate myself. I can allow myself to have the blues and at the same time start taking the steps to get over it.   Anyhow – enough about me. 

We are playing to a full house here at Living Light right now. We just had a new batch of students come in on Saturday and all the classes in this Associate Chef and Instructor Training series are sold out. It’s always so exciting to have new students come (and it helps with the sadness of having the recent graduates leave). Their enthusiasm for raw culinary arts is infectious. They are the hot raw chefs of the future. Oh – if you haven’t voted for your favorite in our Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest, I have a deadline for you: July 21st. So – go to, watch the videos (they’re super fun) and vote for your favorite. I’d totally appreciate it!

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Hot Chefs, Cool Water by mary elizabeth

One of my favorite books we carry here at Living Light is The Healing Power of Water by Masaru Emoto. I find all the water crystal stuff totally mesmerizing and think it’s fascinating that water has musical tastes, let alone preferences. Apparently it enjoys classical over metal…if we’re reading the crystal patterns accurately. The premise is that water forms crystals differently when pesented with different stimuli and the prettier the pattern, the happier the water. But what if the more elaborate and beautiful the pattern, the more agitated the water? What if water knows what its researchers are expecting and is a major people pleaser? We don’t really know.

But, anyway, it also has a chapter on sacred waters. I love to look at the pictures in that one. My daughter and I hope to one day travel to some of them – a European tour of watery goddess spots: Lourdes, Glastonbury, St. Bridgid’s Well. Of course, my daughter is rocketing into teenagerville and may have different ideas about what a fun European tour would include at this point. Holy watering holes may not be at the top of the list, let alone visiting them with me.  No question about her having tastes and preferences.  But I’m sure by the time we can afford to go, she’ll be well past her teenage years and we’ll be goddess-seeking friends again.

One of my daughter’s aspirations for the future is to be a raw food pastry chef. If I were a raw food chef and not just an enrollment counselor for raw food chefs of the future,  I would enter Living Light’s Hot Chef/Cool Kitchen video contest. It’s pretty cool. You get to make a video of yourself preparing an original raw recipe and submit it for prizes and acclaim. But I’m not a chef, raw or otherwise. My culinary skills are pretty limited.  Unless you think I could win with a mila cocktail. Just add water!

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Sprouts, Sunflowers and Chia Pudding by kristin

Well, I have to admit, the sunflower is not only one of my favorite cheery flowers, it is also a great source of energy in its sprouted form, and to me it is a prominent symbol of the raw food movement. Plant Spirit Medicine is something I really believe in–plants are so miraculous! And when I think of the sunny energy of a sunflower, and how that energy is concentrated in a sunflower sprout…it just makes sense that sunflower sprouts would be one of the most powerful foods on the planet.  This sunflower photo was taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico at my friend Maria Suarez’s urban garden. She now lives in the country and teaches raw foods, as well as growing lots of sprouts. I was her original teacher of raw foods and I’m very proud of all she has done in Puerto Rico, including creating the Society of Roving Gardeners to teach urban dwellers how to grow sprouts and live a raw food lifestyle. She also takes some of the most amazing photographs of plants I’ve seen, and she’s just completing a book on sprouting in Spanish. In the photo below, two of our great Living Light Chefs, Meagan Ricks and Mary Sandkamp are enjoying our sprouting class–look at their smiles!

Meagan and Mary with Sprouts

Meagan Ricks and Mary Sandkamp with Sprout Friends

In fact it was in Puerto Rico that I first studied the raw food lifestyle with Dr. Ann Wigmore, who at the time  (1991) was 80 something. Dr Ann was flying back and forth (with her little dog Precious)  between her Boston center and the Ann Wigmore Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico. I remember how excited I was when I first learned about raw foods. At her center we were eating energy soup three times a day, and lots of salads with sprouts and “cultured” or fermented seed sauces, and papaya and other tropical fruits. We were guzzling rejuvelac and taking long walks on the beach, and we built up to about 7 oz a day of wheatgrass juice. We also were doing lots of colon cleansing, skin brushing, yoga, and arts and crafts out under the shade trees. As you can imagine, I was filled with energy, and felt about nine years old, needing little sleep. It was quite inspiring!

Viktoras Kulvinskas and Wheatgrass

Fast forward to 2010. Somehow that initial introduction to raw foods stayed with me, and now, almost 20 years later, I’ve found that once you learn about raw foods, you can’t really ever go back. Your trajectory or path may be crooked or straight, but the knowledge you aquire from the cellular level up stays with you. Nothing tastes better to me than a delicious green juice with kale, celery, apple, lemon, and ginger…mmmm. We serve them in Living Light Cafe, and Living Light employees can opt to have them as part of our meal plan. And, not to horn in on Mary Elizabeth’s chia/Mila obsession, but I wrote an entry about Chia Pudding with Sprouted Granola and Blackberries on my personal blog in 2009! My blog has been mostly for fun and practice, ( and about my radio show, Women’s Voices every second Monday at 7 PM) and I’ve not included many entries about raw food on it, but since blackberry season is just around the corner, I thought you might enjoy! And don’t forget the Living Light  HotRawChef Video Recipe Contest. July 30th is the deadline for entries–we want to see your vid! Until next time…Kristin

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