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5:00 PM Friday and All is Well by kristin

5 pm fridayGosh, today has gone by so quickly. We’re busy as proverbial bees getting everything in place for our end of year excitement. A New Holiday Traditions DVD is in the works, featuring the best of the best videos for the past four years. (More info and a video preview in a bulletin next week. ) If you are anywhere near the Bay area November 20th and are wondering about raw Bay area events, Living Light chef/graduate Heather Haxo Philips is doing a great Healthy Holiday Survival Workshop, featuring none other than our own Living Light Director Cherie Soria, Living Light Chef Jennifer Cornbleet and Shea Lynn Baird, as well as talented chef Diana Stobo and other great Bay Area Chefs. Both the DVD and the Bay Area event will help you have a healthy, happy, and delicious holiday season! Tom Yum Soup

If you are not yet signed up for our newsletters and bulletins, which include free recipes, there is a sign up on the top right corner of our homepage. Living Light is not doing the New Holiday Traditions class here at the center anymore because our new schedule is just jam packed with new classes including Pastry Arts II coming up November 27-30! Our advanced students are here right now, and they are whipping up some yummy treats in Ethnic Flavors and next week Raw Fusion followed by Catering! I’m using the abbreviated names we call our classes in the office, but you can see the longer formal names and all the details just by clicking the links!

raw scienceOh, and don’t forget to sign up for the complete Science of Raw Food Nutrition Series with Drs. Rick and Karin Dina. The complete series is available only once a year, beginning November 29. And our November newsletter will feature a Living Light graduate success story about the amazing German native Beate von der Osten, who teaches raw culinary arts AND the science of raw food in Japan – in Japanese! Have I mentioned that our graduates continually amaze us with their dedication, talent, determination, and sheer beauty of spirit?

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Monday Night Live with Cherie Soria and Careers in Raw Food by kristin

cherie and chad old times Cherie will be giving a talk on Monday, September 6th at 7:00 PM at  Shay Lynn Baird’s popular event in Healdsburg California: Monday Night Live at Cafe Gratitude. The topic will be Careers in Raw Food, and Cherie definitely is the person I know who is most qualified to speak on this topic. The photo on the left is of Cherie and Chad Sarno in the early days of Living Light.  He went through the Living Light training, became a Living Light Chef and Instructor, and toured with the school for many years when it was still a “gypsy school”, traveling to locations around the world. After leaving Living Light to launch an incredibly successful independent career, Chad went on to become an internationally known chef/consultant, opening restaurants all over the world. And he is just one of the success stories at Living Light. success

Living Light and Cherie Soria are success stories in themselves. From the early years, Cherie, husband Dan, and their staff have worked hard to create the professional, well respected facility that Living Light has become over the past 12 years. In fact, most of the chefs featured in the recent Living Light Chef Showcase are Living Light graduates who have gone out in the world to create exciting careers. The list is just a small sampling of Living Light student success stories.

career in raw food

So, if you’ve contemplated a career change, and are passionate about the idea of becoming a raw vegan chef, this is an opportunity to learn from the Mother of Raw Vegan Cuisine herself, Cherie Soria.

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