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Welcome to Hilloah’s Organic Garden

Archie and Hilloah in front of cabin

Archie and Hilloah enjoying a glass of wine in front of their home.


My name is Hilloah Tanner, and I’m an Enrollment Specialist at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. I have one of the most exciting jobs of all: I talk with people all over the world, learn their stories, and help them to come to our school in Fort Bragg as students or Kitchen Angels.

One of my favorite activities outside of school is organic gardening. My husband Archie and I have many fenced gardens. I emphasize many because on our almost six acres of land there are a lot of deer who delight in “nibbling” on our fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other “goodies”  meant  just for them (as they see it).

We have a 1,000 sq. ft. garden for corn, squash, cucumbers, and dahlias; another for our olleberries, raspberries, and loganberries; one for our lettuce, spinach, celery, and basil; one is a holding garden full of potted trees and bushes; and the last is in front of our cabin around a pond. It is full of roses, bush peas, radishes, foxgloves, and much more. The Mendocino Coast is great place to grow a garden, and we are inspired because as members of  the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens we not only enjoy the gardens year round, we are also invited to their great plant sales. We’re also lucky  to have a great “grass roots” organization here, Noyo Food Forest. They teach members of our community, including  the children in our local schools, how to grow and enjoy organic gardens. I love learning new ways to use the produce of my gardens at Living Light, and sharing recipes with like minded people. We all share fruits,  vegetables, and plants  from our gardens. This is  my first post, and I’ll be writing a new post every Tuesday.

Talk with you next week!

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Cherie’s World Famous Kale Coleslaw on Supreme Master TV

Here’s the recipe for Cherie’s famous Kale Coleslaw (also a signature dish at our award winning Living Light Cafe!) This would make an excellent side dish for your Thanksgiving Feast! See the demo here:

Kale Coleslaw
Yield: 2 cups (2 servings)
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed orange juice
1 tablespoon light miso
2 teaspoons flaxseed oil
1½ teaspoons agave nectar
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon ground golden flaxseeds
1 small clove garlic
Pinch of powdered mustard

2 cups large kale leaves
1¼ cups whole head cabbage
1 large ripe tomato
½ cup currents
2 tablespoons
whole red onion
½ red jalapeño chile,
seeded and minced,
or pinch of cayenne
Pinch of salt


The perfect bite-Kale Coleslaw on Supreme Master TV

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Living Light and Mendocino Coast on Supreme Master TV

A few months ago Supreme Master TV came to the Mendocino coast to film Cherie and Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. Not content with just doing a couple of demos and a tour of our four businesses, Cherie came up with some other wonderful ideas…she took the film crew on a tour of some of the other sustainable businesses here on the Mendocino Coast for their TV series: Vegetarianism—The Noble Way of Living. Supreme Master TV is a worldwide organization promoting a spiritual, peaceful way of living, and vegetarianism through videos with subtitles in 15 languages. In this series you will learn how to make Kale Coleslaw and Sea Vegetable and Cucumber Salad with bounty collected from two local businesses: Noyo Food Forest, an organic community gardens project that provides fresh produce for local school meal programs, and teaches kids how to garden and compost.Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company A sea vegetable company that harvests, dries, and sells locally gathered seaweeds including sea palm fronds, which are unique to the Mendocino coast.  All of the crew was very excited about the extraordinary businesses we have here in Northern California, and they did an amazing, professional job in creating these videos. We know you will learn a lot, too (we did)–have fun watching!

sea palm on the Mendocino Coast

Sea Palm looks like miniature palm trees!

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