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Keep Growing by kristin

Last night I slept as sound as a baby, which was wonderful, because for a few nights around the full moon I often find that I don’t sleep as well – the force of the moon’s light just pulls me out of slumber, sometimes for hours at a time. clock handsThis Virgo moon was particularly strong – compounded, I think by the recent solar flares that have taken place during the last few days. These solar flares are supposedly as strong as any since 1859. Even NASA reported that electronics could be affected – what about people? The post I read about this full moon is that it brings to light what wants to be “purified, refined, integrated, and simplified” especially pertaining to the realm of work, health and daily routines. We have the opportunity to make a shift and break free from old patterns. Interestingly, this ties in perfectly with my co-blogger, Mary Elizabeth’s recent post about creating the life you want to live, and also dovetails perfectly with what I’ve been feeling. sprouts grow anewI always need to surrender to the depths of my soul in winter, so that I can emerge in Spring with new hopes, plans, and dreams for the future. Luckily, we work in a place where we see our students create the future of their dreams on a daily basis. Funny, just as I was writing this post, Pandora started playing Ann Savoy and her Sleepless Knights, with the song Melodie au Crepuscule. Some of the other songs on her album are “If Dreams Come True” and “Getting Some Fun Out of Life” -Perfect timing Universe!moonsky


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Brave New World by kristin

Cherry BlossomI heard a report this morning on NPR about a famous painting from Japan called The Waves at Matsushima Bay, which is just north of Sendai where the tsunami hit the country hardest. The story mentioned Cherry Blossom time in Washington. The oldest cherry trees in our capitol were gifts from Japan to the U.S. many years ago. The screen painting of The Waves at Matsushimi was made over 400 years ago. Apparently the recent aerial views of the Tsunami in Japan look very much like the original painting.

Japan peace Our relationship with Japan has changed over the centuries, depending on the vagaries of politics and human relationships. In today’s world, it’s important to remember that we are truly a global community. My colleague Teresa shared a March 22 blog post from Pure Land and Mountain:

In this new instant, the world became Japan and Japan the world. For the first time in history, we all felt it: we are all in this together. This was not politics, this was not spin, this was life – our life – all of us, here on this small blue spaceship. I believe that this will go down in history as a major turning point in the hopeful advance of civilization… If we can maintain our native integrity, keep our minds clear and learn what we are being taught…”

At Living Light, our students come from all over the world – many from Japan. We are donating $250 for each person who signs up for our new Advanced Raw Culinary Arts Instructor Certification with Jennifer Cornbleet. We also have a link for donations to our sister city, Otsutchi, Japan. Check details here. It is heartening to see that on many websites there are donation links; people are pulling together in new ways. Hope for peace and love to prevail on earth at last. We’re in this spaceship

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Holidays Bring us Together by kristin

retro housewifeNow that Halloween is a memory,  and the holidays are just around the corner,  it’s time to think about family and friends, traditions new and old, and what the spirit of the season means to each of us individually and collectively. Is that almond milk in the bottle? In the world of raw foods, we tend to be trailblazers. We may be the ones who help to change traditions, no matter where we are.

retro pies

This can sometimes cause a bit of strife at family time, and yet it can also be a wonderful opportunity to bring us together in new ways. In families, it’s important to accept each other as we learn and grow and become more of who we really are. On my radio show Women’s Voices on local NPR affiliate KZYX, I recently interviewed Cathy Jo Cress, who coauthored a book with her daughter Kali Cress Peterson called Mom Loves You Best, Forging and Forgiving Sibling Relationships. I bring this up because during the holidays, when we get together with family, issues can come up, including the issue of what foods we eat.

One way to bring the holiday table up to date is to prepare delicious raw vegan recipes of classic favorites like pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans almondine. And if the thought of studying recipe books and trying to figure out how to translate comfort and tradition into delicious raw foods seems daunting, we’ve come up with a solution. You can get the Best of New Holiday Traditions DVD from Living Light, and see our professional Living Light chefs preparing the most loved recipes from the past four years. 16 recipes step-by-step…and a printed recipe book and bonus DVD – foolproof ways to bring those comforting family recipes to the table.  And if you live near Fort Bragg,  join us for our Thanksgiving Potluck and World Peace Meditation, Thanksgiving Day from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Living Light Center. Bring a vegan or raw vegan dish to share with new friends. We’re creating our own traditions!

Thanksgiving Potluck

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