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Solar Eclipse, Grand Cross, and New Beginnings by kristin

solar eclipseIt’s that time again,  just after mid summer when all kinds of things are happening in the sky, in our world, our solar system, and inside of ourselves. Time for some Virgo Magic. I was reading astrologer Emily Trinkaus’s post on what’s happening right now-a solar eclipse takes place at 1:45 AM PDT tomorrow in Cancer, ruler of “watery deep emotions and the subconscious”.

And that’s not all. The Sun and Moon are uniting in Cancer, which makes squares to Saturn and Uranus, opposing Pluto (our old friend), and catalyzing another Cardinal Grand Cross. Might just throw us a bit off kilter temporarily, and help us realize that we need to be in touch with our emotions and with what we really want in life.write it down One effective way of accomplishing our heart’s desires, is to spend time writing down our dreams. When you believe it you see it, to turn a phrase. And since the world keeps on spinning, we might as well find an attunement that works both for us as individuals and for  planetary good.

If one of your heart’s desires is to become an accomplished raw food chef, July and August are the perfect time to begin. You can sign up for the full Gourmet Raw Food Chef Certification™ series complete with all of our advanced classes, including Ethnic Flavors in Recipe Development™, RawFusion Gourmet Spa Cuisine™, Raw Event Catering and Elegant Entertaining™, and Pastry Arts-Unbaked!™. You can attend the Living Light Chef Showcase, Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen. AND, right after the showcase, we’ve scheduled all five of the Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ courses and a brand new Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Training™ series.  P.S. Don’t forget to vote for the next Hot Raw Chef. Voting opens July 2. hearts desireLiving Light can help you make your dreams come true.


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Cardinal Climax or 2010 Turning Point by kristin


At least Saturn is still a planet, unlike poor Pluto, which has been demoted. I must say that when I was a kid, Saturn was my favorite, and it WAS because of the rings. I liked the looks of the planet, not knowing at the time that it can be a stern taskmaster, bringing our attention (sometimes rather painfully) to things we need to learn. Well, just thinking about Saturn and Pluto together today, I typed them in to our modern oracle, Google. I found that there is something called a Cardinal Climax, which has to do with a quantum planetary shift – a critical tension point initiated by Saturn and Pluto who get together every 8 years or so. And this particular climax happened in July 2010 (thought I felt something!). Quite fascinating stuff,  and apparently, how we get along together as individuals, communities and nations heading into 2012 is key (so that’s it – all about restructuring our priorities, apparently).  And from the looks of the news these days, it’s high time, too.

high time

Pluto for planetAt any rate, whether you are happy with Pluto’s new status or not, the important thing to remember is that Pluto’s astrological symbol indicates that the essence of spirit feeds physical matter through the medium of receptivity. So maybe it is time to listen within and follow our intuition, which can lead us on the path to raw food. When we eat more raw food it’s interesting how we become more attuned to the natural world, and when we are more attuned to nature, we are in a receptive mode.

attuned to nature

We can learn more easily what our bodies need, and how to nourish them in ways that help us stay in tune with the cosmos. Sounds like pretty big stuff, and yet so simple, really.  Which is one reason it’s nice to be involved with people who are interested in the living food lifestyle. As hectic as the world can be at times, it is good to have a positive focus as we move forward. If you watched the Living Light Chef Showcase, Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen, you’ll know that you don’t have to feel deprived either. You can enjoy a variety of gourmet dishes that your family and friends will also love. If you missed it, there’s still time to sign up for the replay with all of those great recipes, too.

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