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Summer Pleasures by kristin

There’s been an awful lot of blue sky around here lately – the fog has only rolled in a couple of days so it really feels like summer, the season of leisure for certain people like college professors and kids. When we were little I remember having lots of time to play outside,  read books, and go to the local pool. swimmingLong days of summer seemed to stretch endlessly. It’s nice to enjoy the fruits of summer whether you are “on the road” as Cherie and Dan will be in just about a week (on the Raw Food Revolution Tour), or staying home puttering around in the garden. It’s definitely a good time to enjoy sweet, ripe fruits fresh off the tree. tree fruitCherries and peaches are two of my favorites, and it’s a funny thing because even though their availability is short it seems like its just long enough to enjoy them and then move on – a lesson in being in the now and enjoying the moment. If you’d like to seize the moment and make positive use of some of your leisure time, I recommend coming to Living Light and taking part in some of our great classes this summer – – following your bliss and learning something new that really interests you. Another great use of the long days of summer! You can start with a weekend, a week, or plunge right in to our platinum package– the pinnacle of our programs. Our fresh new follow your blissFUNdamentals students are just arriving, and every group reminds us how important it is to follow your bliss!


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Work and the World by kristin

wish or work As with all things in life, the one constant at work is change. Our graphic artist and my cohort in the Marketing Department for the last three years is moving away from our pristine Pacific shore and setting out for new adventures, she knows not where yet. But wherever she lands and whatever she does, the place and the people will be lucky to have her, our darling Inga. We all love her at Living Light, and will miss her so much. And a newer member of the marketing team, “K.C.” Kristin Carr is also moving on to pursue her own dreams of creating a holistic center nearby. Adieu dear ladies, we wish you both every success.

The rest of us will be here at Living Light, working to make a difference as we always do. Sometimes it’s good to do a “check-back,” to see how far you’ve come, so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. For twelve years our Living Light graduates have carried the message of the raw food lifestyle hither and yon. So we’re not just working for money, we’re working to create a healthier, more peaceful and harmonious planet. Good to for money  Not to be overly altruistic, because with 4 green businesses in the current economy, we do need to work hard to make our businesses successful and prosperous. AND we have a higher goal to fulfill. Let’s keep on truckin’!

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Global Revolution by mary elizabeth

Here at Living Light we’re right in the middle of an Associate Chef and Instructor training and we’ve got students with us from all over the world. The countries represented include Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Norway, Sweden and Canada. And of course, we’ve got students from the good, old US of A coming from both coasts, the mid, south and north wests and even some locals!  It’s quite a bunch, indicative of the global aspect of the raw food revolution!

Living Light has been in existence for over twelve years and in that time we’ve had students from over forty-five countries. Our impact on the raw food movement is immeasurable. Our founder, Cherie Soria, had a vision of making the raw food diet compatible with real life. She wanted followers to be able to take it home with them and embrace it as not only a health and planet-friendly way to eat, but a yummy one as well. She wanted them to be able to successfully introduce it to their family and friends. Her dream was to make the raw food lifestyle possible for anyone willing to learn.  She has succeeded –globally – in every sense of the word!

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Ready Or Not by mary elizabeth

I remember once, when I was a child, over hearing my mother tell someone she hated Christmas. I was shocked! I always thought she was just as filled with excitement and cheer as I was. It wasn’t until I grew up and had children of my own that I really understood. Don’t get me wrong – neither my mother nor I think children ruin Christmas – they actually add extra layers of joy and fun, but also extra layers of pressure. Plus – they’re expensive. And they get so wound up! Anyway, now that my children (and I, for that matter) are older, I’ve learned to release some of that pressure and relax. We’ll all enjoy tomorrow much more that way.

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m pretty much alone here at Living Light. There aren’t any students here right now and the Café and Marketplace closed early. That’s okay. I like the thought of everyone heading home to be with loved ones. I’ll be with mine soon enough and in the mean time I can write this and finish up all the holiday treats left in the office myself. A bunch of us here are going to go raw for thirty days next month and thank goodness, cause the treats have gotten a little out of hand – even if Kristin didn’t bake as much as usual. Anyhow, I hope this special day finds all of you happy and healthy and enjoying yourselves. I’m actually feeling pretty peaceful about tomorrow. Whatever isn’t done or bought or remembered is going to have to stay that way and I’m just going to enjoy my family and my home. Happy holidays!

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Honoring Our Ancestors by hilloah

Since my ancestors are at least half  Swedish, that makes me a Scandinavian, and one of my favorite places to visit in California is the Danish village of Solvang .  There is so much to see and enjoy. One of the best places to shop is  Nordic Knives : they have knives and swords. It is such a cool shop!  One time, my former husband took my arm and dragged me out of the store. “Why did you do that?” I asked. “Because you had a look on your face like you were remembering a past life as a Viking and I had a feeling that you were about to loot and pillage me!”  I do remember when he was on the Mark Twain riverboat at Disneyland – he had that same look, and I wondered if his hair was going to go white and if he would start dressing in white suits like Mark Twain.

My father was born in Sweden in 1906 and came over here third class on a ship (no steerage for him!) in 1921. After landing at Ellis Island in New York, he got on a train and went to California where his mother and her new husband lived. The conductor pinned his tickets to his chest: when the ticket opened up it was about 10 feet long!  At each stop, the conductor would pull off part of the ticket so it got smaller as time went by. I do not know how many days it took him to go across America; it took my former husband and me three days to go from Los Angeles to Atlanta, Georgia on Amtrak in 1973 with our 10 month old baby girl, Phyllis.

My two youngest children were born in October and the two oldest were born in November. Yes, three Scorpions and one Sagittarius. I am a Gemini and their father is a Virgo – it was an interesting mixture. My father had asked me to put some part of his name in my children’s names. Since his name was Wolf Arvid Hjalmar Lindvall there was no way I was going to give my children any part of his name! (I’ve had too much attention with my own name, I was NOT going to do that to my children!) Many years later I told this story to my boys, and they got upset. “You mean I could have been named Wolf? Mom! What were you thinking?” Go figure.

I must be thinking of my parents because of our upcoming “Day of the Dead” celebration here on the Mendocino Coast. At Living Light, we’ll be featuring our famous pumpkin pie at the cafe, and we are creating altars to honor our ancestors–one in Living Light Cafe, and one in Living Light Marketplace. Our whole company participated last year, and it was really interesting seeing photos and memorabilia from our Living Light family. Speaking of family and ancestors, next week I will write about my eclectic mother.

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Sunny Days and Green Day by mary elizabeth

There hasn’t been a whole lot of sunshine in Fort Bragg this summer. Less than usual, which is saying a lot and means we really haven’t seen the sun for a while. Concerned we’d become victims of seasonally affected disorder, I’ve taken my kids on two road trips recently. We found the sun and had lots of summer fun but we’ve also spent a lot of time in the car. The results? We’re all a little tanner, we’re all a little better at compromise and I am now a Green Day fan. Change your perspective, change your world.

Our chef showcase is just two short weeks away. I hope you’re planning to come but if you can’t, I hope you’ve purchased your virtual opportunity to watch the whole thing – including Laura Fox’s Best of Raw Cacao Contest – on-line.  And if you’re a Living Light graduate, we are planning some fun alumni activities. Something I’m looking forward to is a picnic at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. It’s so pretty there and right now the dahlia garden is in full bloom. It’s pretty impressive. If you’re local and haven’t seen it – go. The vegetable garden is really worth seeing right now, too, and the gardens donate a lot of its produce to the local food bank which is super cool of them. Anyhow, this picnic should be a fun way to get the alumna together and give all of us in the office a chance to connect with students past and present. I hope it’s a sunny day, though.

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Green Goes Mainstream by kristin

I followed a link to Huffington Post today, and one of the trending topics there is  going green. There were a variety of different articles on the subject, including a feature on Ashton Kurcher and Demi More doing a Master Cleanse. Well, Hollywood stars have always wanted to stay in shape and look good, which is why the subtitle of Cherie’s book, The Raw Food Revolution Diet is Feast, Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Younger. Who wouldn’t want that?

One of the articles I ran across on HuffPost’s green pages is about a special

Tree of Life Box

Tree of Life Box and fungi

“Tree Life Box” designed by mycologist Paul Stamets that helps plant trees, nurtured by fungal spores implanted along with tree seeds in the recycled paper fiber box. Wow! Love Paul Stamets! He’s been consulted about solutions for restoring the Fort Bragg Mill Site, acres of beautiful coastal property here that definitely needs greening and remediation.

Environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill,


Julia Butterfly Hill and Luna

who for two years sat in the tree she named Luna, and wrote a book about it,  wonders if we’ve forgotten how to co-exist with nature. Her answer is yes, and she calls the phenomenon “disposability consciousness.”

There was also an article on the crackdown in California on organic produce fraud in California farmer’s markets, and two of our favorite foods,


Yummy organic blueberries

kale and blueberries, have been added to the “dirty dozen” most dangerous foods to buy if they are not organic. The regular list of dangerous foods includes strawberries, peaches, apples, celery, bell peppers, spinach, cherries, and imported grapes and potatoes. Which is one of the reason we always use organic produce here at Living Light.

organic vegetable pastas

Four kinds of organic vegetable pasta

So the world is waking up, little by little. We are lucky that we already have a head start by including more raw foods in our diets. A plant based diet helps protect the environment as well as our personal body ecology.

We have some great books and films about these subjects in our Marketplace store. More coming out everyday. It’s the raw food revolution, and it’s helping us make the changes we want to see in the world. If you want to learn how to make plant based recipes that taste amazing, don’t forget the Living Light Chef Showcase, Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen. We’ve seen the future and it is us!

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